Site Allocations Document

Mid Sussex District Council adopted its Site Allocations Development Plan Document on 29th June 2022. The Site Allocations DPD identifies sufficient housing sites to provide a five year housing land supply to 2031 and also makes sure that enough land is allocated to meet identified employment needs. The adoption statement, adopted Site Allocations DPD and Sustainability Appraisal are available to view below, as well as the Inspector’s Report:

Main Modifications (November 2021)

Following hearing sessions held in June 2021 and the completion of Action Points, the Inspector has provided suggested modifications to the Council’s Site Allocations Development Plan Document (Sites DPD), which were subject to consultation from November 2021 to January 2022. At this stage the Inspector has only issued the Main Modifications and not a Report setting out his conclusions.

The Council received almost 300 responses to the consultation. The responses have been collated and made available to view on the Sites DPD examination page. The responses have also been sent to the Inspector to inform his final report. Should the Inspector conclude that the Sites DPD meets legal and soundness requirements, it will be considered by the Council for adoption in Spring 2022.

Consultation Documents

Submission (December 2020)

The District Plan sets out the housing and employment needs for the district for the period to 2031 and committed the Council to preparing a Site Allocations DPD in order to find sufficient housing and employment sites to meet the remaining need.

The Submission Draft Site Allocations DPD recommends allocation of:

  • 22 housing sites
  • 7 employment sites
  • Science and Technology Park

It also includes 5 strategic policies required to deliver sustainable development.

The Site Allocations DPD has been formally submitted to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. Hearing sessions were held in June 2021, further details are available using the links below.

Regulation 19 Documents

The following documents were prepared at Regulation 19 stage and were subject to consultation between August – September 2020.

Regulation 18 Documents

The following documents were prepared at Regulation 18 stage and were subject to consultation between October – November 2019.

Traveller Sites Allocations Document

Mid Sussex District Council is committed to developing sustainable communities that are safe, healthy and inclusive.

Providing the amount and type of housing that meets the needs of all sectors of the community - including gypsies and travellers - will:

  • Contribute towards a better quality of life
  • Promote better integration and co-existence with the settled community
  • Reduce the number of unauthorised encampments

The Traveller Sites Allocations Document represents a positive approach to meeting the existing and future need for permanent Gypsy and Traveller accommodation in Mid Sussex for the period to 2031 - and to also meet the requirements of the Government's Planning Policy for Traveller Sites.

The Government's Planning Policy for Traveller Sites requires us to:

  • Establish needs
  • Identify a sufficient supply of sites to meet this need
  • Provide five years’ worth of supply of sites set against a locally set target

Establishing needs

The Mid Sussex Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment sets out the required site provision for Gypsies and Travellers within Mid Sussex (outside of the South Downs National Park) for the period to 2031.

Latest assessment

Previous assessments

Meeting Need

The Traveller Sites Allocations Document

Public consultation was held on the Traveller Sites Allocations Development Plan Document - Consultation Draft (August 2014) and its accompanying documents between August and September 2014.

A further period of public consultation is planned.

More information: Mid Sussex Community Involvement Plan

The Traveller Sites Allocations Document contains two draft policies:

  1. The first proposes to safeguard existing authorised traveller sites
  2. The second proposes potential locations for permanent gypsy and traveller sites

More information: Traveller Sites Allocation Document frequently asked questions

Sustainability appraisal

A sustainability appraisal has been carried out for the Traveller Sites Allocations Document to make sure that the plan being prepared is the most sustainable.

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)

Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report (August 2014) has been carried out for the Traveller Sites Allocations Development Plan Document.

This is to assess any likely significant effects on the Ashdown Forest Special Protection Area (SPA) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC) as a result of recreational disturbance and atmospheric pollution.

Site search

A Draft Mid Sussex Traveller Sites Study (August 2014) has been carried out to look at all reasonable options for sites that could be used as permanent gypsy and traveller accommodation.

The process included a 'call for sites' that asked all the district’s town and parish councils to submit potential sites within their areas.

Next steps

The Traveller Sites Allocations Document will be reviewed in light of the responses made to the public consultation. This means it does not represent final council policy. This will be decided by elected councillors.

The process will also consider any further sites submitted to or identified since the publication of the Draft Traveller Sites Study.

The Allocations Document also needs to be formally assessed at an independent public examination before any site is allocated.

Small Scale Housing Allocations Development Plan Document

The Small Scale Housing Allocations DPD allocates small-scale sites for housing development. It was adopted in April 2008 and forms part of the Development Plan for the district, alongside the District Plan and Neighbourhood Plans.

It is a key part of the Mid Sussex Local Development Framework.


Previously developed (brownfield) sites - maps

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Greenfield sites - maps

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Last updated: 27 July 2022