We have designed this website to offer services and information equally to everyone in our community. 

You can:

  • Change the text size of the website
  • Listen to and translate our website using Browsealoud
  • Translate the website into different languages

Text size and colour

You can change the font size and colour on our website by using browser controls. You can find instructions for the most common desktop browsers below:

You can also use Browsealoud to change colour or font size.

Language translation

You can translate the website through Browsealoud or through software such as Google Translate.


We have added a free service from Texthelp called Browsealoud.

What does Browsealoud offer?

  • Text-to-speech
  • Language translation
  • Increased text size
  • Converting text into mp3 audio files
  • A tinted screen mask to block distractions
  • Removing clutter to only display the main text
  • Options to suit individual needs or preferences

Video Guide

Try it out

Click on the browsealoud launchpad button that appears on the bottom left of your screen. It looks like this:

Then click on any text to hear it.

Need support?

Visit support.texthelp.com.

Give us feedback

Texthelp They would love to know what you think of Browsealoud, contact marketing@browsealoud.com.

Last updated: 07 August 2018