Strategic Housing Market Assessment

An assessment of affordable housing need is required to inform planning policies for meeting housing needs. Its purpose is to establish the level and nature of needs that cannot be met by existing affordable housing provision and must therefore be planned for in future.

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) provides an understanding of sub-regional housing markets and predicts the levels and mix of future housing provision. An up-to-date assessment of housing need is a statutory requirement to inform planning and housing policies for the delivery of affordable housing.

In 2009, Mid Sussex District Council, together with the other authorities in West Sussex, commissioned consultants GVA Grimley to undertake a Strategic Housing Market Assessment. This supported earlier regional level work that identified that Mid Sussex falls primarily within a sub-regional housing market identified as the Northern West Sussex Housing Market. This area includes the local authority areas of Crawley Borough Council and Horsham District Council.

The main reports can be viewed on the West Sussex County Council website.

West Sussex Housing Market Assessment - Main Reports (May 2009)

In addition to the main reports, summary reports were also produced and the summary report for Mid Sussex can be viewed below. 

Strategic Housing Market Assessment for Mid Sussex - Summary Report (May 2009)

In 2012, the three authorities within the Northern West Sussex Housing Market Area commissioned GVA Grimley to update the 2009 Strategic Housing Market Assessment. The focus of the update was to review and update the current and future housing market and the net annual estimates of households in affordable housing need for each local authority area.      

Northern West Sussex - Mid Sussex: Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update Report (October 2012)

In 2014 the three authorities within the Northern West Sussex Housing Market Area commissioned consultants Chilmark to update the affordable housing needs model for the three local authority areas. This work also updated contextual information including the active market and a review to determine that the basis for defining the Northern West Sussex HMA area remains valid as the primary Housing Market Area for Mid Sussex District Council, Horsham District Council and Crawley Borough Council.

Northern West Sussex Housing Market Area - Affordable Housing Needs Model Update (October 2014)

The 2014 and 2012 Assessment updates and should be read in conjunction with the 2009 Assessment.

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment also informs the Mid Sussex Housing Strategy 2009-2014.