Northern West Sussex Economic Growth Assessment

The Northern West Sussex Economic Growth Assessment (EGA) has been produced to inform the emerging Local Plans in the Northern West Sussex sub-region (Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex). The report has been produced by Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners on behalf of the three local planning authorities.

The Northern West Sussex sub-region comprises the three local authorities of Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex. There is a high degree of economic inter-relationship between the three authorities and planning policy decisions made within any one of the local authority areas potentially has a bearing on the sub-region as a whole.

The Assessment found that the commercial property market is relatively buoyant with the area representing an attractive business location due to its central location, excellent transport links and connectivity and access to a highly skilled workforce. Market and business feedback indicated the need to allocate additional land in the sub-region to maintain a high quality and competitive business offer.