Housing Land Supply

Housing Land Supply (Mid Sussex District) as at 1st April 2017

The following table shows the number and location of residential completions between 1st April 2016 and 31st March 2017. 

Completions 2016/17

The following table shows the number and location of residential commitments, as at 1st April 2017. Commitments are dwellings that have not been completed yet but benefit from extant planning permission or are allocated in the Local Plan, Small Scale Housing Allocations DPD or in a Neighbourhood Plan and are developable within the plan period.

Commitments 2017

Previous monitoring years

Completions 2015/16

Completions 2014/15

Completions 2013/14

Completions 2012/13

Completions 2011/12

Completions 2010/11

The Annual Monitoring Reports contain residential completion figures for previous years.