Gatwick Sub Region Water Cycle Study

The Water Cycle Study analyses potential Environmental constraints (water quality, water resource availability and flooding) and Infrastructure constraints (wastewater treatment flow, wastewater treatment quality and water supply) for the Gatwick Sub Region.

It has been completed in two phases:

Scoping (2010)

Undertaken jointly by officers from the Sub-Regional Authorities (Mid Sussex DC, Crawley BC, Horsham DC, Reigate & Banstead BC) in 2010 to determine whether further assessment of the water environment was required.

Gatwick Sub Region Water Cycle Scoping Report

Outline (2011)

Undertaken by consultants (Entec) in 2011 following a recommendation within the Scoping study that an Outline study was required. The Outline study looks in detail at water availability, water quality, wastewater treatment and flooding and includes environmental constraints analysis, infrastructure constraints analysis, and sustainability assessment.

Gatwick Sub Region Outline Water Cycle Study Report

The District Council are working with members of the Water Cycle Steering Group (as described in both documents) to update the information within these reports where possible; in particular, information on wastewater treatment capacity.