Assessment of Open Space, Sport and Recreation

Government guidance encourages all Local Authorities to undertake local assessments of need and audits of open space, sport and recreation provision. The main purpose of carrying out these local assessments is to ensure that there is adequate provision of accessible, high quality greenspaces and sport and recreation facilities to meet the needs of local communities and visitors. By carrying out these assessments, Local Authorities can set local standards of provision. These will replace the national standards produced by the National Playing Fields Association (NPFA) - commonly referred to as the ‘6 Acre Standard'.

The Council engaged consultants to undertake the assessment, which commenced in late 2004. The final report was completed in 2006. 

The Appendices are not currently available to download due to their size but they can be viewed at the Council's Offices.  

There are four sets of maps available to view: 

Review of the 'PPG17 Assessment'

The Council has reviewed the findings of the 'PPG17 Assessment'. A Report was taken to the Better Environment Advisory Group on the 2nd February 2011.