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Council Tax

Discount/Exemption Reviews Explained

Each year, we are legally obliged to reasonably review accounts which are subject to a reduction due to a:

  • Discount
  • Disregard or
  • Exemption

In order to ensure the reduction continues to be applicable.

If you are in receipt of any of the above reductions on your Council Tax bill, you should receive a review form at some point during the financial year.

If you do not complete a review form that has been sent to you, we will assume your circumstances have changed, and your reduction will be removed from 1st April of the current financial year, or the date the reduction started if this is later.

If your circumstances have changed, but you have not yet been sent a review form, you can complete our online review form, or contact us to let us know about the change.

Review Forms

If you receive a discount and your circumstances change, and that change means that you would no longer be entitled to that discount, you must tell the Council Tax department within 21 days of the change. If you fail to do so you may be required to pay a penalty.

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