Supporting Vulnerable Customers

The cost of living is rising, and many people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. People who have never need support or guidance before are now needing that extra bit of assistance. It can feel like a never-ending cycle.

Mid Sussex District Council are excited to be working with Welfare Together to provide you with all the support and guidance you need.

We understand that every situation is unique, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way. In order to effectively support you, we kindly ask for your cooperation. Please be open, honest, and willing to talk with us and Welfare Together.

We will be referring cases to Welfare Together to identify any vulnerability and to reach out to assist those whom we believe need extra help

We know asking for support is hard. We know that making that first call, sending that email or responding to a text is difficult, but along with Welfare together we are here to help, support and guide you.

Welfare Together will listen to you, to understand your concerns. Their team is dedicated to helping you with your finances and to improve your financial resilience. They’ll work with you to understand your individual circumstances and then create a personalised plan that’s right for you.  They will review your benefit payments including discretionary housing payments, state benefits and hardship grants to try and maximise your income.

For further information about Welfare Together, please visit their website:

Council Tax Support

If your household has a low income, you may be eligible to receive Council Tax. It is based on the household income, capital and personal circumstances. For more information, please visit our Council Tax Support page.

To check if you may be eligible please use our Benefits Calculator

Council Tax Discounts or Exemptions

You may be eligible for one of the discounts or exemptions available on Council Tax. Check if you are entitled to a Discount or an Exemption.

Getting into Employment

The best way to avoid rent arrears building up may be to increase your income through employment. Find out what help is available for getting into employment.

Rent or Mortgage

If you are worried about your rent or mortgage payments, our housing advice team may be able to help

You may also be eligible for a Discretionary Housing Payment to help with your rent.

Last updated: 23 April 2024