In certain circumstances, the Council can impose a penalty if you fail to provide information.

It is very important you notify the Council when there is a change in your circumstances, which could affect a discount or exemption.

The council can charge a penalty of £70 when you do not advise the council of this within 21 days that

  • You are no longer entitled to a discount
  • Your property is no longer entitled to an exemption


  • You do not respond to a written request for information to identify the person liable to pay Council Tax
  • You knowingly supply false information regarding the identification of the person liable to pay Council tax

Where a £70 penalty has been imposed as above, and the person, on a further request for information still fails to provide the information, or continues to provide false information, the Council may impose a further penalty of £280. A further penalty of £280 will apply each time information is withheld or false information given.

Appealing a Penalty

You can appeal against the issue of a penalty. Please see Appeals for information on appealing a penalty.

Last updated: 22 August 2023