Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Planning is a new way for Town and Parish Councils to decide the future of their areas.

The ability for a Town or Parish Council to produce a Neighbourhood Plan is in the Localism Act 2011. The Government published Regulations about how Neighbourhood Plans will work in April 2012. More details and a guide to Neighbourhood Planning can be found on the Department of Communities and Local Government website at:

Neighbourhood Plans can include planning policies and allocations of land for different uses. They can be produced by Town or Parish Councils in consultation with their communities, but must be consistent with legislation and national and local planning policies (for instance the National Planning Policy Framework and the Mid Sussex Local Plan). If more than 50% of the community that votes in a referendum says the Plan should be adopted, then decisions on future planning applications must take the Neighbourhood Plan into account.

This webpage has been set up to help Town and Parish Councils prepare Neighbourhood Plans. It includes advice and information provided by the District Council, and links to other sources of information. Linked are pages where Town and Parish Councils share experiences and best practice on Neighbourhood Planning.

Overview map - this shows all the areas in Mid Sussex that are covered by Neighbourhood Plans.