Please be advised this service has recently changed. Detailed information about the service can be found below including answers to Frequently Asked Questions and our revised Terms and Conditions. You should read this information before completing your booking

Apply for Bulky Waste Collection

About the Service

The bulky waste collection service is a chargeable service for items you would typically take with you on a house move. The below table shows the types of items we would or would not take.

What items can and can't be taken



Furniture, electrical appliances such as white goods, bicycles, rugs, garden furniture and other portable household items

Carpets or underlay, kitchen or bathroom units (i.e. those that are generally fixed to the wall), black bag waste, doors and windows, fencing panels or gates, greenhouses or sheds, boilers or storage heaters.

Please note this service is for household bulky waste only, any commercial waste will not be accepted. Should you require a house clearance please contact a private contractor.

Please read the information below then complete our booking form which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Once your application has been processed you will be contacted within five working days by our contractor, Serco and advised when your collection will take place.

Bulky waste charges

The charges for the bulky waste collection service are:

  • Item 1: £22.00
  • Items 2–10: £14.00 Each

A maximum of 10 items can be included on each request.

Residents in receipt of Council Tax and/or Housing Benefit may be entitled to a 50% reduction in the charges indicated.

What we can collect

Use the room tabs below to find out which items we collect. Items are categorised by the room in which they are most commonly found.

  • Armchair
  • Armchair (motorised/adjustable)
  • Blinds
  • Bookcase (freestanding)
  • Chaise longue
  • Clock (including Grandfather)
  • Coal scuttle
  • Coffee/side table
  • Corner sofa (1 section = 1 item)
  • Couch
  • Curtain rail
  • Display cabinet / sideboard (freestanding)
  • DVD player
  • Electric fire (portable)
  • Electric reclining chair
  • Fan electric any type
  • Fire guard
  • Fish tank (empty)
  • Gas fire (portable)
  • Hi-Fi / stereo equipment
  • Lamp (standard or large)
  • Mirror (any size, unbroken)
  • Plastic Christmas tree
  • Pouffe
  • Rugs (up to 2 x 2.5m approx.)
  • Settee
  • Small portable fire / heater
  • Small portable oil heater (freestanding and empty)
  • Sofa (2, 3 or 4 seater or 1 section of corner sofa = 1 item)
  • Sofa Bed (2, 3 or 4 seater)
  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Television stand
  • Video recorder
  • Bed base - any size divan base or bedframe (includes headboard, footboard and slats as applicable)
  • Blinds
  • Bunk bed (each bed is one item)
  • Chest of drawers (freestanding)
  • Chest/ottoman/trunk
  • Clock (including Grandfather)
  • Commode
  • Cot (including mattress)
  • Curtain rail
  • Dressing table (including mirrors if unbroken)
  • DVD player
  • Electric bed (double or single)
  • Games console
  • Headboard
  • Lamp (standard or large)
  • Laundry basket
  • Mattress (single, double or king size)
  • Mirror (any size, unbroken)
  • Rugs (up to 2 x 2.5m approx.)
  • Wardrobe (freestanding)
  • Bath seat (electric)
  • Blind (roller/venetian/roman)
  • Clothes airer
  • Curtain rail
  • Rugs (up to 2 x 2.5m approx.)
  • Blind (roller/venetian/roman)
  • Clock (including Grandfather)
  • Coal scuttle
  • Cooker (electric or gas, domestic use only, freestanding)
  • Cooker extractor hood (domestic size)
  • Curtain rail
  • Dining chair / stool
  • Dishwasher
  • Display cabinet / sideboard (freestanding)
  • Floor mops with metal handles
  • Fridge or freezer (domestic only with all food removed, freestanding)
  • Ironing board
  • Kitchen appliances ( processors, kettles)
  • Microwave
  • Mops (up to 2 with buckets)
  • Rugs (up to 2 x 2.5m approx.)
  • Spin dryer
  • Table (dining or kitchen)
  • Tumble dryer
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Washing basket
  • Washing machine
Dining Room
  • Coffee / side table
  • Curtain rail
  • Dining chair / stool
  • Display cabinet / sideboard (freestanding)
  • Hostess trolley
  • Lamp (standard or large)
  • Table (dining or kitchen)
  • Bookcase (freestanding)
  • Chest / ottoman / trunk
  • Chest of drawers (freestanding)
  • Computer equipment (PC/laptop/monitor/printer - count each as a separate item)
  • Desk
  • Fax machine
  • Filing cabinet (freestanding)
  • Games console (Wii, PlayStation, etc)
  • Paper shredder
  • Photocopier (domestic/home office only)
  • Telephone
  • Typewriter
  • Barbeque (freestanding and portable)
  • Bench (2 seat metal sides)
  • Bench (2 seat stone sides)
  • Bench (2 seat wood)
  • Bird table / bath
  • Chicken coop (up to 1.3 m x 0.9 m)
  • Chicken wire (1 roll up to 10.0 m)
  • Child's large plastic toy (e.g. slide, rocking horse)
  • Child's plastic water / sand table (up 1.5 m width)
  • Child's play house (1.2 m max height/width) 
  • Child's ride-on car (electric, not petrol)
  • Clothes airer
  • Compost bin (clean and empty)
  • Deck chair
  • Dustbin / wheeled bin (clean and empty)
  • Frame of greenhouse excluding glass sheets (2.4 m x 1.8 m max)
  • Fruit cage (freestanding)
  • Garden chairs (up to 2 counts as 1 item)
  • Garden incinerator (metal bin with funnel lid)
  • Garden parasol
  • Garden shredder
  • Garden swing chair
  • Garden table
  • Garden tools / hand tools (small box of tools is 1 item)
  • Gazebo
  • Hanging baskets
  • Hedge trimmer (petrol or electric), empty of fuel
  • Hose reel
  • Hot tub (inflatable)
  • Lawn mower electric or petrol (not ride-on), empty of fuel
  • Leaf blower
  • Paddling/portable pool
  • Patio heater (portable)
  • Planters ceramic/stone
  • Plastic planters/pots (empty) equivalent to 1 black bag full
  • Pond liner (preformed)
  • Rabbit hutch and or run (1.3 m x 0.9 m max)
  • Rotary dryer, washing line
  • Rotavator (domestic size)
  • Strimmer, garden electric or petrol (must be empty), empty of fuel
  • Sun lounger/hammock
  • Swing (child's size)
  • Trampoline - up to 1.9 m (6 ft) diameter dismantled
  • Trellis (freestanding)
  • Water butt (empty)
  • Water feature (freestanding)
  • Wheelbarrow
DIY & Leisure
  • Bicycle (not motorised)
  • Bike rack
  • Birdcage (clean)
  • Body board
  • Canoe
  • Car roof rack/luggage rack
  • Cement mixer (domestic)
  • Chainsaw petrol or electric (domestic only, empty of fuel)
  • Child's car seat
  • Child's plastic water/sand table
  • Child's play house
  • Child's ride-on car (electric, not petrol)
  • Cross trainer
  • Deckchair
  • Exercise bike
  • Fish tank stand (not hood or tank)
  • Fish tank/hood (empty)
  • Fruit machine (must be able to lift into vehicle)
  • Games console (Wii, PlayStation, etc)
  • Go-cart (electric or peddle, not petrol)
  • Golf trolley
  • Gym equipment (count each as separate item)
  • Keyboard (electronic musical)
  • Knitting machine
  • Ladder / step ladder
  • Leg exerciser
  • Organ (freestanding)
  • Piano (electronic freestanding)
  • Pressure washer (domestic size)
  • Punch bag
  • Scooter (children's)
  • Sewing machine
  • Steam cleaner (domestic)
  • Suitcase
  • Surf board/bodyboard/windsurf board
  • Swing (child's size)
  • Treadmill
  • Trestle table / wallpaper table
  • Vice
  • Weights bench
  • Baker's bread trays
  • Children's car seat
  • Clothes airer
  • Coal scuttle
  • Commode
  • Crutches
  • Curtain rail
  • Dehumidifier (domestic)
  • Dog or cat basket / cage
  • Dustbin (kitchen, wheeled, etc, empty and clean)
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Floor mops with metal handles
  • Hot tub lid (made of vinyl and polystyrene, approx. 2.0 m width)
  • Plastic Christmas tree
  • Pram
  • Pushchair
  • Shopping trolley (domestic)
  • Small portable fire / heater
  • Small portable oil heater (freestanding and empty)
  • Tarpaulin (1.85 m square)
  • Tea chest
  • Telescope
  • Wheelchair

What we cannot collect

  • Carpet or underlay
  • Electric fireplace
  • Gas fire fixed
  • Pianos (upright/grand/baby grand)
  • Wood / laminate flooring
  • Wood burning stove
  • Carpet or underlay
  • Mirrored wardrobe
  • Fitted wardrobe / wardrobe door
  • Bath
  • Bath side panel
  • Bathroom sink
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Hot water tank
  • Shower screen
  • Shower tray
  • Toilet and cistern
  • Vinyl floor covering
  • Kitchen units
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Kitchen work top
  • Vinyl floor
  • Carpet or underlay
  • Fencing panels
  • Fencing posts
  • Galvanised coal bunker
  • Glass sheets/greenhouse glass panes
  • Grass cuttings, leaves and weeds
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Non-native invasive plants
  • Old or used compost
  • Paving slabs
  • Pruning's from plants and shrubs
  • Shed
  • Single fence panel
  • Stones
  • Tree trunks
  • Twigs and small branches
DIY & Leisure
  • Agas/Rayburns
  • Any other building materials
  • Asbestos
  • Ash felt
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Boilers
  • Car parts / car engines / tyres
  • Carpet or underlay
  • Door (internal or external)
  • Doors (sliding patio)
  • Drain covers
  • Fitted kitchens
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Garage doors
  • Guttering
  • Loft insulation
  • Plaster
  • Roofing tiles
  • Rubble / bricks / hardcore
  • Soil from landscaping activities
  • Windows
  • Wood / laminate flooring
Hazardous waste
  • Storage heaters
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Chemicals (such as acids and other dangerous substances)
  • Gas bottles / canisters
  • Liquid fuels
  • Paints
  • Solvents
  • Balustrade rail
  • Boiler
  • Carpet off cuts
  • Carpet or underlay
  • Chipboard or MDF Sheets
  • Corrugated plastic sheet
  • Crates of mixed waste
  • Door (internal or external)
  • Doors (sliding patio)
  • Electric wiring
  • Galvanised sheet
  • Metal flue lining
  • Night storage heater
  • Oil tanks
  • Radiator
  • Satellite dish / TV aerial
  • Stair lift track or chair 
  • Vinyl floor covering

Collection alternatives

Instead of giving us the items to dispose of at the Household Waste Recycling Site (tip), please check out the different groups and organisations that might be able to take your items for reuse or recycling.

There are several charity organisations that will collect items free of charge, if they are able to reuse them.

For alternatives to throwing your waste away please see our Community Recycling page, for hints and tips on what to do with your unwanted items.

If your collection request is for garden waste please go to our garden waste page to look at alternatives. We offer a fortnightly garden waste collection subscription service or composting might also be a good alternative.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I book a bulky waste collection?

Residents can book a domestic bulky waste collection by completing the online booking form which can be found on our website

If you are unable to use the online booking form, please telephone 01444 477440 or email to arrange a collection.

What days do you collect?

Collections are made on weekdays and will be dependent on the number of bookings at any one time. A collection day will be arranged in advance with you following receipt of your booking form.

How quickly can I get my item(s) collected?

The collection process can take up to 10 working days to complete, but this timeline could be extended if there is a high demand. Any delays in the normal collection timelines will be advised

What if I need to change or add an item to my booking?

You can make amendments to the items stated in the booking you have made by 2.30pm the day before your collection date. Please note you are permitted a maximum of ten items. The crews will only take the items specified on their collection list. Any changes should be emailed to or alternatively telephone 01444 477440.

How much notice do I need to give to cancel a booking?

We will need to be advised of any change to a booking before 2:30pm the day before the collection. The Council reserves the right to not refund your payment if you call outside of this timescale.

Can I get a refund?

A refund will only be given if one of the following occur:

  1. You cancel before 2:30pm the working day before the collection is due.
  2. If the Council cannot fulfil the request
  3. The items are removed from outside your property by another party, other than our contractors, without your knowledge
What happens if items disappear from outside my house before collection?

Please contact us before 2:30pm the day before the collection to change or cancel any bookings. If we are not informed a refund cannot be issued.

Is there a limit on the number of items that will be collected?

There is a limit of ten items per booking to enable the service to be accessible to as many people within the district as possible. There is no limit to the number of bookings you can make, however collection times will depend on demand for the service.

How much is a bulky waste collection?

You can find pricing information on our webpage for bulky waste items. If the item is not listed and you have a price query please email

How can I pay for this service?

Please use the online form to make your booking where you will be directed to our secure payment system. Debit and credit cards are accepted. If you are unable to use the online booking form please telephone 01444 477440.

How should I present my waste for collection?

All items must be left outside at ground level for collection, close to vehicle access (e.g. not down a side path / in a back garden) and gathered together in one location within your property boundary either the night before or the morning of your collection date by 7am.

Any material-based items such as sofas or mattresses should be covered up to prevent them getting wet, as this significantly increases the weight of the item. If you live in a block of flats, place your items by your bin store area, or where you would place your rubbish for collection.

If the items are not in the specified location or not out by the time the crew arrives you will lose the collection and will need to pay for another booking.

Do I have to be there?

No, you do not have to be present for the collection. However, you need to ensure the items are placed outside your property in the specified location with clear access from 7am.

Can you collect from inside my property?

No, unfortunately we are not authorised to enter a property. Please place your items outside your property but within your property boundary. This includes washing machines and other white goods which would need to be disconnected and empty prior to collection.

I have a combination of electrical and non-electrical items. Can these be included in the same booking?

Yes, we can accept a booking for a combination of electrical and non-electrical items.

Is a bed base and mattress classed as one item?

No. A bed base or frame is classed as one item and the mattress is charged separately.

Can I use this service for DIY waste?

We cannot collect or remove waste generated from home improvements. If you have carried out the improvements yourself then it is advisable to hire a skip or to take your waste to your nearest recycling centre. You may be charged for this service as it is classified as industrial waste.

If a contractor has carried out this work and you have asked them to dispose of the waste, it is your responsibility to know where the contractor is sending your waste and that they are operating legally.  You need to check if they have a waste carriers licence. For more information on your duty as the producer of the waste visit

Examples of DIY waste we are unable to collect are listed on our website.

Can I use this service for garden waste?

We are unable to collect garden waste through the bulky waste collection service as this facility does not allow for it to be kept separate and recycled as required by Government regulations. We do provide a separate garden waste subscription service. For further details please visit our garden waste page.

Terms and Conditions

Service Description

  • The service is for bulky household items (of the type you would take with you on a house move) only. Examples include furniture and white goods.
  • This service is for household bulky waste only, any commercial waste garden waste and DIY waste will not be accepted.
  • Should you require a house clearance please contact a private contractor.
  • Please note this is a service for private households only.


  • Payment can be made by credit or debit card. Customer queries regarding payment should be addressed to Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) by telephoning 01444 477440 or emailing
  • Residents in receipt of Council Tax and/or Housing Benefit may be entitled to a 50% reduction in the charges indicated. In order to qualify residents will be required to give consent for the Council to check and confirm receipt of these benefits during the booking process.

Collection Items

  • The size/weight of items is restricted by what can be safely transported by two personnel.
  • Customer queries regarding item type / size should be addressed to MSDC bytelephoning 01444 477440 or emailing
  • We cannot take black bag waste.
  • We cannot take DIY/building waste.
  • We cannot take garden waste.
  • For a full list please refer to the list of what we can collect.


  • We cannot make specific appointments for collection, but we will endeavour to assist with any special requirements.
  • Once your completed form is received our contractor will contact you in the next working week to arrange a collection day.
  • All items must be left outside at ground level for collection, close to vehicle access (e.g. not down a side path / in a back garden) and gathered together in one location.
  • All items should be made available for collection no later than 7am on your collection day.
  • Our contractor is not able to enter any buildings within your property.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • The Council and Serco reserve the right to not carry out a collection and in this event a refund will be given. We will inform you of this should the situation occur.
  • A refund will only be given if one of the following occur -
    • You cancel before 2:30pm the working day before the collection is due
    • If the Council cannot fulfil the request
    • The items are removed from outside your property by another party, other than our contractors, without your knowledge

Damage to Property

  • The Council will not accept any liability for damage to private property or personal injury that may be caused by items being placed out for collection by customers at their homes.
  • The Council will not accept any liability for damage to private property or personal injury that may be caused by a failure to collect items within an agreed timescale, or if we have to cancel a collection.
  • Residents are encouraged to minimise the potential of damage to their property by ensuring that the items are left outside in a suitable location.

Statutory Rights

  • The terms and conditions for the Bulky Waste Collection Service do not affect your statutory rights.
  • Further guidance is available by contacting us at or by telephoning 01444 477440.

If you engage a third party to remove DIY or other waste from your property it is your responsibility to check the waste carrier is licensed by the Environment Agency as you could be fined if they fly tip the waste. Visit the public register to check the person disposing of your waste is licensed.

Apply for a bulky waste collection

To use the service simply complete the online bulky waste collection request and payment forms. Once completed the collection request form will automatically be sent to our contractor Serco, for them to arrange the collection with you.

Collection stages

  • Complete a bulky waste collection request form
  • Make payment using payment portal
  • Serco make contact within five working days of the request
  • Items collected within 10 working days of the request

Once Serco have received the completed request form they will contact you within 5 working days. You will be advised of your collection date which will be within 5 working days from the point of contact.

These timings may change if there is high demand for the service, but you will be advised of this when you are contacted by Serco.

Apply for a Bulky Waste Collection

For any updates or cancellations please refer to our FAQs for further information.

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