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If you can't find the information you are looking for - please contact The Homemove Team using the details at the bottom of this page.

What is Homemove choice-based lettings?

Sussex Homemove is the choice-based lettings scheme used by most councils in East and West Sussex.

It's for home-seekers looking for social housing for the first time as well as for existing tenants wanting to move address.

How do I join Homemove?

Please visit our Apply for social housing page and fill in the online form.

If you require additional support to apply please contact HomeMove.

For older people who want to register online, please take a look at the Peabody website.

​This is the printable version of the form and will need to be printed and completed if you are unable to complete the interactive form online.​

How does Homemove work?

Please visit our Apply for social housing page and fill in the online form.

If you require additional support to apply please contact HomeMove.

For older people who want to register online, please take a look at the Family Mosaic Outreach support program.

What is the Mid Sussex Common Housing Register?

It is a list of people looking for social housing in Mid Sussex.

The register is run by the Homemove team at Clarion Housing Group in partnership with 20 housing associations in our district.

What are housing associations?

Housing associations are non-profit making organisations who provide affordable homes to people in housing need.

Some associations also provide low-cost home ownership under help-to-buy schemes.

What happens after I've registered for Homemove?

We will send you a welcome pack containing:

  • Your membership number - needed to make a bid
  • The housing band - A, B, C or D.
  • Your Priority Date

Take a look at Homemove's How to Bid for Properties for more information.

How long will my welcome pack take to arrive?

Two to three weeks. If it doesn't arrive, please contact the Homemove Team using the information at the bottom of this page.

What are the housing bands?

We will place you into one of four bands:

  • Band A - emergency or urgent priority
  • Band B - high priority
  • Band C - medium priority
  • Band D - no housing need but interested in affordable housing

Full band details can be found in the Council's Housing Allocation Scheme.

What is my Priority Date?

The date you:

  • Registered with Homemove
  • Moved into a higher band
  • Are reinstated to the register
What happens if I am unhappy with a decision made on my application?

You must first raise this with the Homemove Team (contact details below) who will review your application informally.

If after this informal review you are still unhappy with the decision, you can request a formal review via the Housing Options Team Manager at Mid Sussex District Council.

You must request your review in writing within 21 days of the informal review being completed. You should explain why you don’t agree with the decision made.

You can write to the Housing Options Team Manager at or Mid Sussex District Council, Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1SS

The Housing Options Team Manager or their deputy will then review all the information on your application and notify you of the final decision in approximately 8 weeks.

How do I bid on a new home?

You can bid by logging on to the Homemove website - you will need your membership number.

Assisted bidding is available for vulnerable applicants.

Full details can be found in Homemove's Scheme Users Guide.

For more information about assisted bidding please contact the Homemove Team using the contact details at the bottom of the page

What type of home can I bid for?

We advertise a wide variety of homes including:

  • Adapted properties
  • Ground floor accommodation for ease of access
  • Sheltered accommodation
  • Rural properties
  • New housing developments

More details can be found in Homemove's Scheme Users Guide.

How many bids can I make?

You can bid for up to three properties every fortnight.

The list is published on a Thursday. Bidding starts at 4pm and closes at 2pm the following Wednesday.

There is nothing to be gained by bidding early.

All bids will be considered.

The bidding cycles can be founds here.

Once I've made a bid can I change my mind?

Yes - before bidding closes you can change or withdraw your bid. Most applicants can also refuse offers

How do I know if my bid is successful?

You will be contacted by the housing association who will advise you of any additional information they may require.

Generally you will have 24 hours to accept or refuse the offer after a viewing.

You will not be contacted if your bid is unsuccessful. However, Sussex Homemove publish information on the number of bids received and the priority Band of the successful bidder.

Can I bid if I am in rent arrears?

Yes - but you may be given less priority.

It is important that you keep your rent payments up to date or to pay any money owed on a past tenancy.

Can I swap my home with someone else?

Please take a look at our Homeswap page for more information.

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