'Small Society Lottery' organisers are required to register with the local authority in which their main office is located.

How do I apply?

Print out and complete the form below. Cheques are payable to ‘Mid Sussex District Council’.

Application for lottery registration printed form 

Please include:

  • A copy of the constitution / set of rules for the society
  • An authority form giving permission to the applicant to run lotteries on behalf of the society

Please note: Authority must be signed for by a senior member of the society.


  • New registration: £40
  • Yearly fee for an ongoing registration: £20 -  payable within two months of the anniversary of the registration

Please note: The registration will lapse if you do not renew and a fee of £40 will apply for re-registration.

Renewal form: Small Society Lottery renewal form

Lottery administration and returns


  • Small Society Lottery organisers must submit a Small Society Lottery return form to the Licensing Team no later than three months after the day of the lottery draw
  • The return must be signed by two members of the society aged 18 or over who are appointed in writing by the society for that purpose
  • The return must be accompanied by a lottery authorisation form
  • Returns can be submitted by post or by Email:  licensing@midsussex.gov.uk

The return will specify the lottery:

  • Dates
  • Prize value
  • Any rollover etc
  • Total proceeds of the lottery
  • Amounts deducted for expenses and prizes
  • The amount applied to the purpose for which the society is conducted - not less than 20% of the proceeds
  • Any expenses not deducted from the proceeds

Returns will be retained by the Local Authority for a minimum period of three years and may be inspected by the Gambling Commission within that time - or by the public for up to 18 months after the draw.

Lottery tickets

Tickets can be physical or virtual such as an e-mail or text message.

All tickets must state the:

  • Name of the promoting society
  • Price of the ticket - which must be the same for all tickets
  • Name and address of the promoter for the society - or the external lottery manager if there is one
  • Date of the draw - or information which enables the date to be determined

Please note: The requirement to provide this information can be satisfied by getting the participant to keep it electronically or to print it.


  • Can only be sold by persons over the age of 16 years to persons over the age of 16 years
  • Must all cost the same

Please note: Tickets may not be sold in a street - but may be sold from a kiosk, in a shop or by door-to-door calling. The society must take payment for the ticket fee before entry to the draw is allowed.


  • Prizes can be either cash or non-monetary
  • Prizes - combined with any expenses - must not exceed 80% o the total proceeds of the draw
  • Donated prizes are not be counted towards this 80% limit but should still be declared on the return following the draw
  • In accordance with section 175 of the Licensing Act 2003 minor raffles and tombolas involving prizes of alcohol are not licensable under the 2003 Act if certain conditions are fulfilled

Contact us

Email: licensing@midsussex.gov.uk

Last updated: 21 August 2023