Mid Sussex Transport Study

The Mid Sussex Transport Study is a strategic level study that examines the impact of development proposed in the District Plan on the district's roads; and whether any unwanted effects of development on the district's roads can be practically resolved.

The Study has been undertaken on behalf of Mid Sussex District Council by consultants, Amey, with advice from West Sussex County Council.

Mid Sussex Transport Study – Stage 3 Report


The Mid Sussex Transport Study – Stage 3 Report considers the ‘Focused Amendments’ to the Mid Sussex District Plan (July 2016); and ‘Further Modifications’ published as a pre-submission draft in August 2016, which entails an increase in District Plan housing provision from 650 to 800 new homes per year and includes the proposed strategic development for 600 homes to the east of Pease Pottage.


Mid Sussex Transport Study - Stage 3 Report

Mid Sussex Transport Study - Stage 3 Interim Study Report

The Stage 3 Interim Study reports on the likely transport impacts of the Mid Sussex Pre-Submission District Plan (June 2015); and on a higher level of development based on the Mid Sussex Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (May 2015). The report concludes that the levels of development tested thus far would not worse the performance of the highway transport network; and reflects the Council's intention to revise the Stage 3 work to account for the proposed increase in housing provision as set out in the 'focused modifications' to the District Plan (November 2015).

Mid Sussex Transport Study - Stage 3 Interim Summary Report (November 2015)

Mid Sussex Transport Study - Stages 1 and 2

Stage 2 adds further details to the Stage 1 Study.

Mid Sussex Transport Study - Stage 2 (September 2013)

Mid Sussex Transport Study - Stage 1 (December 2012)

Junctions and road links potentially requiring mitigation being assessed through Stage 2 (map)

Previous historical transport studies are available from the Planning Policy and Economic Development Team on request.