East Grinstead Strategic Development - Transport Advice

Land to the "west and south-west of East Grinstead for 2,500 homes after 2006" was a location identified for strategic development "where possible" in the South East Plan. This proposal was carried forward from the West Sussex Structure Plan 2001-2016, which highlighted the need for a supporting transport package including a relief road.

However, a number of difficulties, including environmental and financial cost cast significant doubt upon the delivery of all 2,500 homes and a relief road.  

In 2009, the East Grinstead Strategic Development Transport Advice report was published to explore whether development could come forward without the need for a full or partial relief road and the amount of development acceptable in transport terms. The report was delivered in two stages.

 A Stage 3  report, the East Grinstead Traffic Management Study, was commissioned by West Sussex County Council in response to a request by East Grinstead Town Council. The aim of the Stage 3 Report is to look in more detail at the options for resolving traffic congestion along the London Road section of the A22 through East Grinstead. This is available on the East Grinstead Town Council website.

Stage 1

Stage 1 outlined the initial study results and a range of proposed measures, surveys and study work for consideration. It was received in April 2009 in two parts:

Review of A22 Corridor

East Grinstead Strategic Development Transport Advice

An accompanying West Sussex County Council Officer Comments Note (June 2009) was also published along with the data used for the Report:

Traffic Flow Calculation Spreadsheet

TEMPRO Growth Factors Spreadsheet

Stage 2

Stage 2 aimed to provide better understanding of and increased confidence in the initial development capacity estimates and to clarify the methodology and assumptions contained within Stage 1.

East Grinstead Transport Advice 2nd Stage Report of Tasks 1 & 2 (September 2009).

An accompanying West Sussex County Council Officer Comments Note (October 2009) was also published.

Consultants MTRU provided transport advice directly to East Grinstead Town Council. This advice is published directly on East Grinstead Town Council's website