We provide rubbish and recycling collections to residents living in all types of accommodation. This means you may share your rubbish and recycling bins with others if you live in a:

  • Flat above a shop
  • Block of flats
  • Communal home

The size of the bin you use may be different because of the type of home you live in. Please take a look at our leaflet on rubbish and recycling for flats and communal living for more information.

Flats above shops


Wheelie-bins can be used for recycling and general rubbish if there is enough space for them on the ground and you have permission from the landowner.

Blue-bag general waste collection

If there is no space for wheelie-bins you may be provided with blue bags for the collection of general rubbish and a recycling box.

Details of items for recycling can be found on our Household Recycling page.

I am running out of blue bags - where can I get more?

Please contact us.

Blocks of flats/communal homes

If you live in a block of flats or a communal home it is likely that you will use a communal bin. The size and number of bins will depend on the space available. Bins should be kept within a bin store or a special bin area within the property boundary.

Your landlord, managing agent or housing association should tell you where your bins are located when you move in.

Communal bins are used in the same way as other bins.

Please note that some communal homes do not have recycling bins due to lack of space. If you live in a flat with no access to communal recycling bins you can take your recycling to recycling sites across Mid Sussex.

Further information on household collections of general waste and recycling can be found on our Household Bin Collection page

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Last updated: 27 February 2024