When will my bins be collected?

To find out when your bins are due for collection, enter your postcode below.

If you have signed up for our garden waste collection service you can also use this form to find your collection day.

More information

Please make sure your bins are out from 7am on collection day. Put your bins at the edge of your property. Bin lids must be closed.

Material for recycling should be clean, dry and loose. Please do not put your recycling in bags. Find more details on our Recycling in Mid Sussex page.

Bin collection updates

Latest update: No changes to collections.

Missed bins

Report a missed bin online

If your rubbish, recycling or garden waste collection has been missed, please check the following:

  • Day - have you put your bins out on the right day? You can check the bin collection calendar above
  • Position - Are your bins at the edge of your property? Are they in a clearly visible location?
  • Container - Are you using bins provided by Mid Sussex District Council? If not your rubbish will not be collected
  • Time - were your bins ready for collection from 7am? 

If you followed the above guidelines and your bins were still not collected, please fill-in our secure online Missed Bin Collection form. This should be done as soon as possible.

We will:

  • Find out why your bin was missed and try to make sure this doesn't happen again
  • Ask for the bin to be collected again within five working days

Please make sure your bins are available for collection during this time.

Important information: If your bins were missed due to blocked access or any other reason, we will return as soon as possible. This may take longer than three working days.

You may also use our online Missed Bin Collection form to report:

  • Missed rubbish and recycling collection
  • Missed garden waste collection
  • Full dog waste bins
  • Full litter bins

Collections missed due to access issues

The waste or recycling collection lorry is not always able to access your area. This can be due to:

  • Cars or other vehicles blocking the entrance to your road
  • Not enough room for the lorry to turn around
  • A narrow road caused by cars or other vehicles parked on both sides of your street
  • Building works
  • Road works

The driver of the waste and recycling collection lorry is responsible for gaining safe access to your area. The driver will not enter a road where there is any danger to:

  • Residents
  • The waste and recycling collection crew
  • The waste and recycling collection lorry
  • Any other vehicles in the road


We try our best to make a collection by contacting those working on the roads. We try to arrange for access to be given and for traffic lights to be held open.

Access blocked by cars or other vehicles

If there are no parking restrictions in your area then we are limited in what we can do.

We leave messages on cars and other vehicles asking them to park elsewhere on collection days.

Frozen garden bins

Frozen garden bins can be damaged by the waste and recycling collection lorry. If your bin freezes during very cold weather it may not be collected for safety reasons.

We will return later in the day if possible.

If we are unable to empty your bins we will return on the next scheduled collection day. Please read our Garden Waste Collection Service Terms and Conditions.

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Last updated: 14 November 2018