District Plan Review

The Mid Sussex District Plan was adopted in March 2018. The District Council is in the process of reviewing and updating the Plan where necessary.

At its meeting on the 19th January 2022, the Scrutiny Committee for Housing, Planning and Economic Growth resolved to:

(a) defer the discussion of the District Plan Review so that further work and consideration can take place and the outcome of change to any Government policy is known.
(b) establish a working party to review:
(i) the evidence for the proposed housing allocation in the Draft District Plan 2021-2038 ("the Plan");
(ii) the fundamental alterations to 10 major policies in the current District Plan and the addition of 6 new policies;
(iii) the appropriateness or otherwise of including the sites identified for development in the Plan, in whole or in part; and
(iv) report its findings to the next appropriate meeting of the Committee with recommendations for adoption by the Committee and Council.

District Plan Review - Scope

The District Plan Review is only applicable to the adopted 2018 District Plan; the Site Allocations DPD (adopted 2022) does not form part of this Review.

To understand the scope of the new District Plan the District Council examined the policies within the adopted District Plan.  This exercise highlighted which policies within the District Plan needed updating and what, if any, new policies are required to ensure the Plan is in accordance with national policy and guidance. 

The exercise categorised the policies into one of three groups depending on whether it requires a full update, a minor update or no update.  Full updates have been triggered by new evidence or changes in national policy, whereas minor updates are principally needed to provide clarity or consistency.  The majority of existing policies require at least a minor update.   A full list of the policies and conclusions of the above exercise is available to view using the link below:

District Plan 2021 - 2039

The District Council has prepared its first draft (Regulation 18) of an updated District Plan.  The Plan will set out a vision and policy framework for achieving future growth within the District to 2039. 

On the 5th October 2022, the Scrutiny Committee for Planning, Economic Growth and Net Zero will consider the scope of the District Plan Review, the draft revised District Plan Strategy and non-housing site policies.

On the 18th October 2022, the Scrutiny Committee for Planning, Economic Growth and Net Zero will consider the draft revised District Plan as a whole including the proposed site allocations. Scrutiny Committee will be asked to recommend to Council that the draft revised District Plan and associated documentation be approved for the purposes of the Regulation 18 stage consultation.


An updated timetable for the preparation of the District Plan Review will be published in due course.

Evidence Base

The supporting evidence for the District Plan 2021-2039 can be found on the Evidence Base page.

Significant Sites Vision Documents

Please note that the vision documents follow an iterative process and therefore can be subject to change.

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Last updated: 27 September 2022