Mid Sussex District Council looks after 122 playgrounds.

There are more playgrounds looked after by other councils. You should be able to find one near you.

Our playgrounds are inspected:

  • Weekly – by our staff
  • Monthly – by a qualified inspector
  • Yearly – by an independent playground inspector

If you notice a problem with a playground – such as broken equipment – please email: parksopenspaces@midsussex.gov.uk

Main play areas

St John’s Park playground – Burgess Hill

A large playground with equipment for all ages including:

  • Climbing blocks
  • Space net
  • Toddler units
  • Trampoline
  • Swings
  • Skate park

Find out more about St Johns Park.


Cuckfield Recreation Ground playground

A large playground with equipment for all ages including:

  • Natural rock climbing stack
  • Roundabouts
  • Swirly slide
  • Swings
  • Monkey bars
  • Paddling pool open during the summer months

Find out more about Cuckfield Recreation Ground.

East Court Woodland play area – East Grinstead
  • Woodland timber and rope equipment
  • Slide

Find out more about East Court Wood.

Kings Centre playground – East Grinstead
  • Colourful modern equipment for all ages including:
  • Swings
  • Explorer arch
  • Spinning cups
  • Unit with slide
  • Climbable sculpture
  • Skate park

Find out more about the Kings Centre.

Beech Hurst Gardens playground – Haywards Heath

A good selection of equipment including:

  • Toddler swings
  • Play train
  • Roundabout
  • Willow room
  • Timber clamber stack
  • Giant swing

Find out more about the Beech Hurst Gardens.

Victoria Park playground – Haywards Heath
  • Equipment for all ages including:
  • Climbing units
  • Slide
  • Swings
  • Water splash pad open in the summer
  • Skate park

Find out more about Victoria Park.

Lindfield Common playground

Equipment for all ages including:

  • Climbing boulder
  • Climbing units
  • Slide
  • Spinning cup
  • Toddler play houses
  • Swings

Find out more about Lindfield Common.

Inclusive Play Areas

The following play areas have equipment which can be used by children with limited mobility:

Playground Improvement Plans

Worlds End Recreation Ground play area – Janes Lane, Burgess Hill

Last year we held a public consultation so that local parents and children could help us to design a new playground at World’s End Recreation Ground in Burgess Hill.

Our plans are now starting to take shape and we know the key features that will be part of the new playground.

The new equipment will have exciting play opportunities for children of all abilities and we will be providing a Changing Places Toilet so all families can enjoy their visit for longer and make full use of the new inclusive play area.

Worlds End Recreation Ground - Overview Masterplan

The new playground will feature

  • an area for toddlers with swings and a small climbing frame and slide
  • a variety of different swings, including a wheelchair accessible swing and a multiperson swing
  • a trampoline built into the ground
  • a wheelchair accessible roundabout
  • a large climbing frame inspired by the tree house designs produced by pupils of Manor Field School

The new playground will be much larger, extending out as far as the basketball hoop. The need for more shade was frequently mentioned during our public consultation so we will be planting lots of trees and extra seating.

We will also be laying a path to connect the junction of Manor Road / Janes Lane with the play area and improving the drainage of the football pitches.

The next stage is to enter into discussions with professional playground designers who will produce more detailed plans and visual imagery to give you a better idea of how the new playground will look.


Contact playgroundconsultations@midsussex.gov.uk for more information. 

Contact us

For problems with equipment, fencing, seats or bins:

Tel: 01444-477579
Email: parksopenspaces@midsussex.gov.uk

For anti-social behaviour or problems relating to dogs in playgrounds:

Tel: 01444-477561

Last updated: 11 July 2018