Annual Canvass for the Register of Electors

The Annual Canvass is a process each local authority undertakes every year to update the Electoral Register. Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) are legally required to keep the register of eligible voters up to date.

Register of Electors 2022

Starting Monday 11th July, we will contact every household in the District to find out if the details on the electoral register are correct.

The type of contact you receive will depend on the information we have available for the property. Where required, you must respond to communication as soon as possible to confirm or change your details. The fastest way to respond is online by visiting the website below and entering your details.

  1. Visit the website at
  2.  Communication you will have received will contain two security codes,      enter both codes on the website to access your household details.


Reminder forms will be sent to households where no response has been received.

By completing the registration process, you will ensure that you can vote in future elections. The earliest scheduled elections are due to be held in 2023.

Who is eligible to vote?

To be eligible to register to vote a person must be:

  • 16 or over (a person may register to vote at 16, but may not vote until they are 18)
  • a British or qualifying Commonwealth citizen who has leave to enter and remain in the UK or does not require such leave
  • a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or other European Union (EU) member state.

British citizens, Irish citizens and qualifying citizens of Commonwealth countries (including Cyprus and Malta) can vote in local government elections and Police and Crime Commissioner elections. To date, the UK Government has not made changes to the eligibility of EU citizens, meaning at present they too can vote in these elections.

Why should I respond?

The law says that you must respond to the annual electoral canvass.

If you do not, it will not only affect your right to vote, it may also affect your ability to open a bank account, get credit, a loan or a mortgage as the full register is checked by authorised credit agencies.

Do not register only when you need a mortgage or finance – due to prescribed processes and timings that we must observe by law, it can take several weeks before your entry is visible to credit agencies.

Don't delay - you can save time and expense to the taxpayer and avoid receiving reminders and personal visits by responding to the canvass form promptly after you have received it in July.

The revised Register of Electors will be published by 1st December 2022 and you must respond no later than the 15th November 2022 to be included.

If you do not register during the canvass, you can still apply to have your name added to the register. Electors are added on a monthly basis except in September, October and November.

Further Information

Last updated: 22 May 2023