Report a vehicle by phone or online

The public can contact the District Council if a vehicle is parked in contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order. That means if a vehicle is parked on a yellow line, or parking all day in a place where it is only meant to stay one or more hours.

The online form should not be used to report vehicles that are parked on an unmarked road. That means it is an unrestricted area and the Council has no powers to enforce. Please do not use the form for any other purpose.

When notification of the contravention is received, it will be transferred to the Operations Team, and a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) will attend the request if possible. It should be noted that the CEOs cover the whole District/Borough on a shift basis so it will not always be possible for someone to attend immediately.

To report an abandoned vehicle, please click on the following link -

How to report a parking problem

If you see a vehicle parked where you think it should not be, you can report it to us.

By phone

Call us on 01444-477212 and select option 2. This is a 24-hour answer phone service so please leave a message.

We aim to attend within one hour of receiving the complaint between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday.


Report a Parking Problem

For problems that do not need a response within one hour, please use our parking problem online reporting form.

What we will need to know

Please provide the:

  • vehicle registration
  • name of the street that the vehicle is parked in
  • number or name of the property that the vehicle is parked outside of
  • type of restriction that the vehicle is parked on/in

We will store the information you provide in the online form to allow us to respond to the issue you have raised. For more information see our data protection page.

What we will do

A CEO will be asked to go and assess the situation. If a vehicle is parked where it should not be then a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued.  Depending on the type of restriction, this may not be immediately.

Please note, there are vehicles that may be loading or unloading on yellow lines or displaying a Blue Badge and therefore not parked in contravention.  Others may be exempt from the parking restrictions or have permission to park in certain areas. These vehicles will usually have either a permit, badge or ticket on display.

We have also recently introduced virtual parking permits in the District, which means people who have paid for a permit or ticket may not actually be displaying it on their vehicle but will still be legally parked. A CEO will be able to determine whether a vehicle has a virtual permit.

Last updated: 23 April 2024