The Mid Sussex natural landscape is known for its many different trees and woods. 

Our landscapes team looks after 20,000 trees and over 70 hectares of woodland in: 

  • Parks and open spaces
  • Sports grounds
  • Local nature reserves

West Sussex County Council looks after trees in:

  • Highway verges
  • Schools
  • Libraries

Town and parish councils looks after trees in:

  • Village greens

Please note: Trees in and around rented housing association properties will be looked after by the company that you pay your rent to.

Tree enquiries

Contact us about tree pruning and dangerous trees. We will get back to you within ten working days or within 24 hours if you contact us by phone.

Please also see our Trees and Hedgerows page.

Please note:  We may reject your request for pruning if the tree is found to be in good health.

Contact us

Tel: 01444-458166

Park Rangers
Tel: 01444-477561

Last updated: 14 November 2019