Mid Sussex Council District Plan

This short video explains what The District Plan is and why it is needed to help safeguard future developments. The plan-making process can be challenging and difficult to grasp, and this video breaks down the details to explain the process in creating the plan and how it will benefit the future development of the District.

It highlights key issues such as the housing shortage, affordability challenges, population growth, and the need for essential amenities.

Update on the latest stage of the District Plan

Leader of Mid Sussex District Council, Councillor Robert Eggleston, gives an update on the latest stage of the District Plan and the significance of this step in the plan-making process.

The Council approved the Regulation 19 submission draft, along with its supporting materials, on 13 December 2023. It sets out the vision, strategy and policy framework for the District until 2039. The plan also includes policies and safeguards to address climate change and protect biodiversity in all new developments.

Last updated: 26 February 2024