We have three key roles in promoting equality and diversity:

1. As a community leader

We work with our partners to tackle inequality.

2. As a service provider

Making sure our services are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Making sure staff are aware and responsive to the needs of different sectors of our community.

3. As an employer

We welcome diversity in the workforce and have policies in place to make sure staff can balance their work and home commitments.

Our equality objectives

We have a set of equality objectives that are reviewed at least every four years.

These are:

  • To show leadership and commitment in promoting equality and diversity
  • To consider the needs of individuals across the whole community when we plan and deliver our services - especially those protected by the Equality Act 2010
  • To seek and prevent discrimination and to promote good relations between different sectors of our community
  • To promote equality and respect for diversity in the workplace by providing appropriate policies, training and support, including assistance for former members of the armed forces.

Please read our:

Equality data

We are required under the Equality Act to publish equality data relating to the services we provide and our workforce.

Mid Sussex equalities profile

Please take a look at the Mid Sussex equalities profile 2014. It provides information about equality issues in the district.

You may also want to visit our Mid-Sussex statistics and data page for information on:

  • Deprivation
  • Ward profiles
  • Health profiles
  • Information from the Office for National Statistics
  • Crime data

Equality impact assessments

We carry out a range of equality impact assessments for all our services and policies.

Impact assessments are an improvement tool with a number of benefits.


  • Make sure our policies and services meet our duty to public sector equality
  • Give us evidence to show that our policies and services are working
  • Make sure that the services we provide do not overlook or exclude any groups
  • Set out ways to get feedback on our services and monitor their impact
Completed impact assessments

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Neal Barton
Policy and Performance Manager

Email: Neal.Barton@midsussex.gov.uk

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Last updated: 21 August 2023