Councillor allowances

How the allowance levels are decided

In response to government legislation and in common with all local authorities, Mid Sussex has established an Independent Remuneration Panel that looks at the responsibilities of Councillors and recommends the level of allowances it believes Councillors should receive.

Which roles are entitled to allowances

Each Councillor receives a Basic Allowance of £5,700.

A Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) is also paid to the following Councillors to reflect their special responsibilities over and above their role as ward Councillor


Allowance (£):

Leader’s Allowance


Deputy Leader’s Allowance


Cabinet Member


Chairman of the Council


Vice-Chairman of Council


Planning Committee Chairman (2)

7,125 each

Planning Committee Vice-Chairman (2)

1,781 each

Licensing Committee Chairman


Standards Committee Chairman


Group Leader

250 per Group Member

Scrutiny Committee Chairman (2)

4,560 each

Scrutiny Committee Vice-Chairman (2)

1,140 each

Audit Committee Chairman


Independent Persons for Standards Matters (3)

750 each

Further information about the Council's allowances scheme is set out in Section 6 of the Constitution.

The allowances paid for the year 2022-23 are here

Councillor expenses

Expense claims

Members can download expense claim forms here:

Please note - all claims must reach Member Services by noon on the deadline. Anything received after the specified date will be processed the following month.


Please remember that in respect of claims for travelling, conference attendance, subsistence, and carers' allowance, all claims must be accompanied by the relevant receipt or ticket.

Time limit

Claims should be submitted monthly or at the end of each cycle of meetings but in any event no later than two months after the entitlement to claim arises. (Financial Procedure Rules, Paragraph D.8)

Approved duty

If you wish to clarify whether or not a duty is an approved duty for the purpose of making an expense claim, please contact Kevin Toogood, 01444 47 7050 or

Last updated: 06 November 2023