We are responsible for keeping public highways, verges and council owned land clean. We are not responsible for removing litter from private areas of land.

If you think we may have missed one of our scheduled sweeping visits, please let us know:

Online Street Sweeping Request Form

Once a problem is reported, we will take a look and, if necessary, arrange for the area to be cleaned.

What is litter?

Litter can be anything from a small crisp packet or sweet wrapper to large bags of rubbish. It's unsightly, can cause environmental problems and dropping litter or throwing it from a vehicle is a criminal offence.

Anyone caught dropping litter can be fined under Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 - Offence of Leaving Litter.

Litter and dog waste bins

Street litter bins are installed and owned by the local Town or Parish Council and we empty the bins. If you think we might have missed a litter bin collection let us know.

Report a missed litter bin


If you find a dog bin which has not been emptied, then please note the number painted on it before contacting us.

Report a missed dog bin online


For more information on dogs in our parks and open spaces visit our Dogs page.

What can you do to help?

You can help keep Mid Sussex tidy by:

  • Always using litter bins when you’re out and about
  • If you cannot find a litter bin or it is full, take your rubbish home with you

You can also organise or take part in local community clean up events. Keep Britain Tidy have got some great resources to help make your clean-up event a success.

We can also loan litter picking equipment and other items to support clean-up events in your community. We can also remove the litter gathered at your event.

You are expected to arrange your own Public Liability Insurance (to the value of £5 million) and supply an operational risk assessment for your event before we can confirm loan of equipment or give permission for the litter pick to take place on the Public Highway or Council-owned land. This is to make sure the event is being run safely.

Please fill in our online enquiry form and try to give us as much notice as possible. You are advised to wait for confirmation from us before advertising your event as equipment may already be booked and we might need to work with you on your documentation.  

Last updated: 21 August 2023