We can collect and dispose of healthcare waste and sharps that are hazardous or infectious as these should not be disposed of in your household refuse waste.

We don’t collect non-hazardous healthcare waste as this can be disposed of safely in your black refuse bin. We do not provide a clinical waste service for commercial properties or private businesses.

Clinical Waste Application

If you would like to request a one-off or a regular collection for the safe disposal of your clinical waste, please use our online application form. Please see table below of what healthcare waste we can and can’t collect.

Clinical Waste Application

Please note: You should be registered with your healthcare provider before requesting clinical waste collections as they can advise you on what type of collections you may need. Using the online form, you can request replacement containers, however your healthcare provider should provide you with the first container. We will only issue one replacement container at a time, if you require more containers, please email wastematters@midsussex.gov.uk.

If you require us to collect cytotoxic waste or anatomical waste, we are unable to leave you with replacement containers, these can only be supplied by your GP or healthcare provider.

For information about how Mid Sussex District Council stores and processes your data please see our privacy notice available on our Privacy Notice page.

What we can collect

Below is a table listing the items we can collect on this service

We can collect 

We don’t collect 


  • Yellow lidded sharps box – Infectious Clinical waste including needles and syringes
  • Red lidded sharps box – including Anatomical waste 
  • Purple lidded sharps box – Cytotoxic and Cytostatic waste 


These should never be put in your blue-lidded recycling or black refuse bins as we can collect and dispose of these safely. 

Non – hazardous healthcare waste

  • Non-infectious dressings, plasters and bandages 
  • Offensive waste including incontinence pads and nappies 
  • Sanitary waste 
  • Stoma bags 
  • Catheter waste 
  • 'Peg' or stomach feeding equipment 
  • Home dialysis waste (empty saline, glucose IV bags and tubes) 


These items should be double bagged and can go into your black refuse bin.

Hazardous Waste

  • Infectious and contaminated swabs, wound dressings, infectious human tissues and bloods
  • Wound vacuum drains or pumps 


These should never be put in your blue-lidded recycling or black refuse bins as we can collect and dispose of these safely. 


  • Unwanted or out of date medicines - should be taken to your local pharmacies or contact your healthcare provider
  • Expired and unused EpiPen, or insulin pens, contain medicine that we can not accept. Please contact your healthcare provider for further information on how to dispose of these safely. Do not put them in the black refuse bin.


Empty and clean medicine packaging and containers such as plastic, glass bottles, cardboard packaging, paper instructions and blister packets, can go into your blue lidded recycling bin.


Already a customer?

If you are already a customer and would like to report a missed collection or arrange an alteration to your service, please email us at wastematters@midsussex.gov.uk

Last updated: 09 January 2024