Every business that produces waste has a responsibility to manage it properly.

You must comply to the Waste duty of care code of practice.

Please note: Mid Sussex District Council does not provide a service for business waste collection.

Your businesses must:

  • Have a Trade Refuse Agreement with a carrier who is legally authorised to carry waste and pay the charges. You may also take your rubbish to a licensed disposal site or tip and pay the charges. Businesses cannot use local household waste and recycling sites for free tipping.
  • Check that your carrier holds a Waste Carrier's Certificate of Registration or is exempt
  • Check that your carrier is taking your waste to a licensed disposal site or tip. Carriers cannot use public rubbish sites for free tipping. You can be prosecuted if your carrier fly-tips your rubbish. Find out more about fly-tipping
  • Make sure that you complete a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) form and give a written description of the waste. Unless the nature, quantity and collector of your waste changes, this will be done once a year. Your carrier should give you this form as part of your agreement
  • Keep full waste records for the last two years. You may be prosecuted if you cannot produce this information on request
  • Set aside enough space for storage of rubbish inside your building/s or in an enclosed exterior space. Don't let your rubbish blow away and cause litter
  • Put your rubbish out at the time given to you by the contractor and not before. Keep all your rubbish and bins on your property when waiting for collection. If this is not possible, put it close to your door so that it is clear that it is your rubbish is waiting for collection

All district and boroughs in West Sussex have signed up to to the Joint commercial and industrial waste strategy for west sussex 2010 - 2035. This sets out our policies, goals and commitments.

For more information for businesses in Mid Sussex please take a look at our business pages.

Help and advice

  • The West Sussex Sustainable Business Partnership (WSSBP CIC) offers a range of services, including training and networking events, for businesses looking to improve their energy, waste and water efficiency
  • WRAP offers advice to help businesses to recycle and to use recycled products
  • NetRegs is a government partnership giving guidance on environmental legislation for businesses
  • The Carbon Trust are independent experts helping businesses to move to a low carbon economy

Charity waste

If you are a registered charity and need help to dispose of your occasional rubbish, you may be eligible for free recycling and waste disposal at local household waste and recycling sites.

These are run by West Sussex County Council. Please check WSCC Charity Waste for more information.

Please contact us if you are a registered charity and have regular rubbish and recycling. We can provide collections for registered for an annual fee.

Last updated: 21 August 2023