Temporary Permits

For residents who need to park on-street on a temporary basis during self-isolation or furlough (not working from home), a dispensation notice is now available for £5 per vehicle and is valid for a month. It is valid in any residents or shared use bays, but not on yellow lines, taxi ranks, loading bays or disabled bays. The dispensation notice covers Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) and non-CPZ areas but not off-street car parks.
There are some private roads within the CPZ which are not applicable for this arrangement. Please see the list below.
To get a dispensation notice, please contact 01444 477212 (option 2). These dispensations will cease on 31st December 2020.

Zone A Capacity

There are a very limited number of permits remaining available in Zone A, and the Council is preparing to move to waiting lists for the Zone. If you wish to confirm there is space still available, please contact parking 01444 477212 (option 2)

East Grinstead parking zones

These permits are for parking on the road only.

Zone A – Monday to Saturday – excluding bank holidays: 9am to 5pm – limited permits remaining
Zone B – Monday to Saturday – excluding bank holidays: 10am to 11am and 2pm to 3pm

Please take a look at the East Grinstead parking zone map to find where zones A and B can be found.

How do I apply for a residents permit?

Apply for residents parking permit

Please also read our Residents parking permits terms and conditions. Allow up to ten working days for a permit to be processed

Permit type

 Zone A

Zone B 

First permit - annual



Second permit  - annual



First permit - six months



Second Permit - six months




First Permit (low emission*) – annual



Second Permit (low emission*) - annual



First Permit (low emission*) – six months



Second Permit (low emission*) – six months



*A low emission vehicle in this instance is in line with the Government's criteria for vehicles that qualify for the home charge grant. A low emission vehicle that qualified for a discounted permit would be classified as Category 1 – Cars with CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km and can travel at least 112km (70 miles) without any emissions at all.

New developments

Residents living in new developments that are located in private roads may be exempted from the parking permit scheme.

This means that they will not be able to apply for either resident permits or visitor vouchers to park on the surrounding roads outside their home and must make their own arrangements. In some cases, non-resident permits may be available subject to there being spare capacity.

The sale of permits to residents in any new development may be limited depending on the space available in nearby roads.

If you are unsure if your property is exempt from the scheme, contact our Parking Services team on 01444-477212 (option 2) or parkingpermits@midsussex.gov.uk.

Private Roads

Private roads, which do not form part of the publicly maintained highway, are not included in the legal Order for the Controlled Parking Zone. Residents living in the following roads may not apply for a Resident Permit or Resident Visitor Permit:

Fosters Place
St Leonards Park
White Lion Close

How do I apply for a non-resident permit?

Apply for a non-resident parking permit


Please also read our Non-resident parking permit terms and conditions. Allow up to ten working days for a permit to be processed.

Permit Type

Zone B

Non-Resident - annual


Non-Resident – six months


Non Resident (low emission) – annual


Non Resident (low emission) – six months


How do I apply for a healthcare permit?

Fill out our Healthcare permit application form. Please also read our Healthcare permit terms and conditions. Allow up to ten working days for a permit to be processed. Healthcare permits cost £25 and can be used in both zones.

Please Tel: 01444-477212 if you need help with your application.

How do I get a permit for a visitor to my house?

Resident Visitor Permits will be sent by post from Mid Sussex District Council Parking Services.  Please contact the Council Offices by telephone on 01444 477212 and select option 2. You will need to have a credit or debit card available.  Proof of residency will be requested, which can be sent in advance to parkingpermits@midsussex.gov.uk.  Please quote a reference in your email title so that this can be referred to during the purchase.

Resident Visitor Permits are restricted to twelve days per calendar month.

Visitor Permits
Permit type Zone A Zone B All Zones Notes
Visitor permits £0.45 for 2 hours £0.45 for 2 hours n/a Used in the same way as a Resident Permit but only for two hours
Daily visitor permits £1.80 n/a n/a For use in the same way as a Resident Permit but are valid for the whole day
Last updated: 20 November 2020