We now offer a variety of ways to pay for parking in our car parks.

Card payments

We are upgrading all pay and display machines in our car parks to accept card payments.

How to use

The machines are easy to use and you can also find instructions for use on each machine.

Choose your stay period and then follow the instructions on the machine to process your payment. The machine will then issue you with a pay and display ticket that should be clearly displayed in your windscreen. Failure to display your ticket may result in a Penalty Charge Notice.


As well as cash and contactless card payments you can now use MiPermit to pay for parking.

How to use MiPermit

Each of our car parks will display on the tariff boards a 6 digit 'Location Code' which identifies which car park you are in.

You can pay for parking with MiPermit by:

Costs for using MiPermit

  • 10p per transaction (added to parking charge)
  • 10p for a text reminder, when parking duration is due to expire (added to parking charge)

Why use MiPermit?

As well as how easy this service is to use, visitors to our car parks:

  • No longer need change to buy a ticket in the car park
  • Can purchase a stay up to 7 days in advance
  • Can extend the parking time without returning to the car
  • Help to reduce the number of pay and display tickets which are wasted

If you have any questions about MiPermit cashless parking, please contact:

Telephone: 0345-520-7007
Email: contact@mipermit.com

Last updated: 21 August 2023