Mid Sussex District Council offer a variety of Season Tickets for our long stay car parks which can save you money and make it quicker and easier when you stay.  They are all virtual so there is no requirement to display a paper ticket in the car.

Apply for / Manage your Season Ticket

All of our Car Park Season Tickets are on a virtual system managed by MiPermit.

You can apply for a Season Ticket using the MiPermit Portal

If you already have a Season Ticket, you can use the MiPermit Portal to renew or change your registration on your online account.

Locations and Availability

Due to the current situation, there is capacity in the long stay car parks for Season Tickets. We are offering these on a limited basis and reviewing our spaces regularly.

  • Haywards Heath – Boltro Road
  • Haywards Heath – Franklynn Road
  • Haywards Heath – Muster Green
  • Haywards Heath - St Wilfrids
  • Burgess Hill – Queens Crescent
  • Burgess Hill – Station Road
  • Burgess Hill – Cyprus Road
  • East Grinstead – Vicarage
  • East Grinstead – Railway Approach
  • East Grinstead – Norton House


Car Park Season Tickets Charges

Car park prices

4 weeks

13 weeks (quarterly)

52 weeks (yearly)

6-day Season Ticket




5-day Season Ticket




Monthly Flexible Season Tickets






What is a virtual Season Ticket?

It is a digital permit which is recorded in the same system that the Civil Enforcement Officers use.  It means that a holder will no longer have to display a paper ticket in their car as long as the vehicle has a virtual Season Ticket in place.

Why has the Season Ticket scheme changed?

Many authorities now use these schemes. They give the Ticket holder the flexibility to manage, renew and pay online for their Season Ticket at any time of the day and without the restriction of contacting the Council during office hours

Are there any other benefits?

Because the Season Tickets are virtual they can no longer be lost or stolen which saves the holder the cost and inconvenience of applying for a replacement. Virtual Season Tickets cannot fall from view so the risk of receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for failing to clearly display a ticket has gone. If you change your vehicle or a member of staff leaves a company, the Ticket can quickly and easily be transferred to another vehicle and be instantly live.

How will enforcement work if there is no Ticket on display?

In the same way, our cashless parking system work; every Season Ticket will be recorded on the Enforcement Officers’ handheld computers, so they will know exactly which vehicles are permitted to park and where.

How do I apply for a Season Ticket?

You will need purchase a Season Ticket through our MiPermit Portal.  Season Tickets are available under “Buy Digital Permits” Simply choose the section under “Season Tickets” and select the location and duration of the Season Ticket you wish to purchase.

How do I renew my Season Ticket?

The MiPermit system will send you a reminder when it is time to renew.  All you need to do is log into your MiPermit account and renew online. There is no need to make a new application via Mid Sussex District Council.

Can I pay by cheque or cash?

These methods of payment are not compatible with the new virtual Season Tickets. Payments by debit and credit card are efficient and convenient and an easy way to pay for your permit. If you do not have a credit or debit card and no one else can assist, please call us on 01444 477212 (option 2) for advice.

What do I do if I change my vehicle?

Simply log in to your MiPermit online account at https://secure.mipermit.com/midsussex/Application/home.aspx, go to ‘Manage Digital Permit’ and edit the vehicle registration. The change is instant.

Still having problems?

You can contact MiPermit by emailing:  help@mipermit.com or you can telephone 0345 520 7007

Last updated: 21 August 2023