Pay For…

This page allows you, the customer, to make payments for specified funds. In order to make the payment you must know your reference and the amount to be paid.

Select your fund from the drop-down list and the sub-fund, if applicable.


You will need to enter your reference (e.g. account number, invoice number, FPN number). This will be highlighted on the correspondence you have received.

Some funds have a validation check. These are marked with an adjacent red cross, which will change to a green tick if your reference passes validation.


This is an optional field for you to enter some text to accompany your payment. This will appear on your receipt.

Amount to Pay

Enter the amount that is being paid in £0.00 format

Once you have completed these fields, click the ‘Add’ button.

You can add payments for the same funds or other funds, by re-selecting from the ‘Pay For’ drop-down and following the same steps as above.

These will all be listed under the ‘Your Basket’ heading. You can remove any item, by clicking on the adjacent ‘bin’ icon.

Your Contact Details

Other fields may be displayed according to the fund you have chosen. Fields with a red asterisk are mandatory.

Site Address

 A mandatory field for Building Control only


Your name (this will appear on the VAT receipt)


This must be at least three lines from your address (this will appear on the VAT receipt)

Telephone Number

Your contact phone number

Email Address

Your email address

Once you have completed these fields, click the ‘Pay Now’ button.

You can click the ‘Clear’ button at any time to start again.

Card Details

Clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button will take you to the ConnectPay page for you to enter your credit or debit card details.

Card Number

Enter your 16-digit card number

Expiry Date

Select your card’s expiry date from the month and year drop-down

Card Security Code

Enter the 3-digit code on the reverse of your card

If your payment is successful, the system will acknowledge your payment and display your payment reference.

If an error occurs, your payment will not be processed and a message explaining why it has failed will be displayed.

Receipt Details

If you enter a valid email address in the 'Your Contact Details' section, your receipt will automatically be sent to that email address.

Alternatively, once your payment has been accepted, you will be able to view your receipt by clicking on either of the receipt links on the bottom-left of the screen.

View a receipt

This will display a standard receipt in a new browser tab. It will include details of your transaction.

View a VAT receipt

This will display a receipt for VAT purposes in a new browser tab. It will include details of your transaction, including name and address (if you have entered them) plus VAT details.


This will take you back to the Mid Sussex District Council Website.

Problems Paying Online

Our online payment service is normally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are having problems making a payment online, please read the notes below before contacting us.

Have you entered your card details correctly?

Please check.

Are you using a valid debit or credit card?

We do not accept American Express, Diners Club or JCB cards.

Is your browser up to date?

If your web browser is out of date some websites might not work properly, including our online payment service.

How to update your browser (GOV.UK)

Alternative ways to pay

You can call our automated payment line 0330 088 9360. This is normally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During office hours you can call the phone number on the correspondence you have received.

Alternatively, you can call our switchboard on 01444 458166, stating which fund you need to pay.

Last updated: 23 August 2023