Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t access my Self Service account due to the following Messages:- ‘The Service is unavailable’, ‘ 502 Server Error’ ‘ 500 Internal Server Error’ or ‘404 Error and Service is Unavailable’.

During high demand periods such as Annual Billing (March), you may experience difficulties. Please try an alternative time to access your bill, we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

I am signed into Self Service but where is my Bill?

Details of the Bill can be found under the Correspondence Tab as per the example below:


I’ve registered but didn’t get my activated email

Please check your email ‘junk/spam folder, but the account will not be active until you follow the link in your email.  The example registration email is detailed below.



The link provided in my registration email directs me to the sign in/register page
I’ve registered but forgotten my Username and/or Password.

Please use the link located on the ‘Sign in’ page to reset your details.  The Username is usually the email address used when you registered. Once you have correctly confirmed your email address, you will be asked to answer the Security questions you completed when you registered (examples below). Only after this stage is completed an email will be sent to you.  The Password reset will only be sent to the Registered email address.


Not received my password re-set

If you have requested a password re-set via the portal, but haven't received this, firstly please check you junk email folder. If the email is not in your junk folder, please email who can do this manually for you. 

The password I have chosen to use is not being accepted.

A user can use any special character with their password except for the following  selection of characters: 

 + \ ; = _ < > [ ]

I am trying to access my account through the ‘my services’ dashboard. but I do not yet have a PIN Number

If you do not yet have your PIN, you can click on the 'access now' button. This will ask you a set of questions, which if answered correctly will allow you immediate access.

An error message appears in step 1 during registration process

This is a technical problem with the system, please report the issue to

I have registered but can’t see ‘All’ my Council Tax/Business Rates/Benefit or Landlords accounts.

Have you added these accounts details to your self-service account?  This will need to be done via the ‘Add Service’ button. The following Self Service example pages show the steps you need to complete using your relevant circumstances for the accounts to be added.


I have a Self-Service account but wish to apply for Paperless e-billing?

To apply for ‘paperless’ e-billing this can be requested via the ‘my service’ tab from the Dashboard page and located at the bottom right corner as per the example below.

Paperless Billing


Any other problems

If you have any other problems or questions which are not answered by the FAQ then please contact us.

Self Service Contact Form

Last updated: 18 March 2024