Report a nuisance

Use this online form to report a general nuisance. 

Report a nuisance

Dust nuisance

If a business premises or building site is causing excessive dust, you can report it to us for investigation.

The dust is classed as a statutory nuisance if it interferes substantially with your well-being, comfort or enjoyment inside your home. 

We can't deal with dust issues affecting property, like dust on cars, washing or windows.

We also can't deal with dust from domestic premises, like dust coming from a neighbour’s home.

Nuisance smell

If a business is causing an odour problem in your home or garden, you can report it to us for investigation.

We can't deal with odour issues from a domestic property, like an odour problem from a neighbour’s home.

If you smell gas you should phone the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

Nuisance accumulations

If there are piles of materials on land that are affecting neighbouring land because of smell such as rotting food or the presence of vermin, then report it to us.

We can't deal with materials that are merely unsightly or piles of waste that are not causing off-site impacts.

Report an insect nuisance

We can investigate insects and flies as a nuisance if:

  • They’re coming from a business’ activities
  • There’s a noticeable increase in their numbers and,
  • It’s affecting the comfort and enjoyment of your home
Last updated: 04 January 2024