Flood risk

In Mid Sussex there are two main sources of flooding 

  1. From rivers and streams – known as fluvial flood risk; and
  2. From heavy rainfall – known as surface water flood risk.

Preparing for Flooding

Is my property at risk of flooding? 


You can find out if your property is likely to be at risk of flooding by checking the Environment Agency’s Flood Risk Map

Flood Warnings

The Environment Agency runs a free flood warning service for river flooding in some areas of Mid Sussex. To find out if your property is covered by this service and to register to receive flood alerts visit the Flood Warnings website.  


You can also check for current Environment Agency Flood Warnings and the Met Office Weather Warnings 

My property is at risk of flooding, what should I do now?

If you live in a flood risk area there are things you can do now to minimise the damage and disruption of a flood. These include:  

  • Preparing a flood plan for you and your family
  • Creating an emergency kit
  • Taking measures to protect your home against flooding 
  • Working with your community to prepare for flooding by creating a Community
  • Emergency/Flood Plan or by forming a Flood Action Group. 

West Sussex County Council has created a Flood Preparation Guide on how to prepare for flooding which covers all four points above. You can download this guide by clicking the button below

Flood Preparation Guide

It’s important to remember that being prepared can help reduce the effect flooding has on your family and your property but you can’t stop your property being at risk of flooding. 

Where can I get sandbags?

The Council does not supply sandbags to homes or businesses. As a property owner or occupier, you can buy sandbags from local builders’ merchants throughout the district.  

Last updated: 21 August 2023