A pavement license is required for all premises - including open air events that:

  • Place removable furniture adjacent to the premises over certain highways

A new pavement licence application is subject to:

  • A minimum of 14 days consultation
  • Public notice advertising on this website
  • Consultation with the Highways Authority
  • Public consultation

Any person (aged at least 18) or business, recognised clubs, charities, a proprietor of educational establishments and health service bodies may apply for a premises licence.

How do I apply?

Before you start please read:


Apply for a Pavement Licence 

Payment is by card.

Please note: When you submit your application via the online process, the Licensing Authority will forward copies of it and all documents to the Responsible Authorities.

Applications must include a plan of the premises and the intended area to be used with the licence .

How is the application decided?

The application is subject to a 14 day consultation process with the statutory Responsible Authorities and the public. 

A 'representation' can be made by anyone.

If no representations are received the licence can be issued.

If there are relevant representations the matter will be decided at a Licensing Committee hearing.

How long will it take?

The application process takes up to 28 days to decide the application.

What else will I need to do?


From the date the application is made until the end of the public consultation, you must fix a notice of the application to the premises that is easily viewed by members of the public.

Site Notice Template

The Site Notice must:

  • state that the application has been made and the date on which it was made
  • state the statutory provisions under which the application is made
  • state the address of the premises and name of the business
  • describe the proposed use of the furniture
  • indicate that representations relating to the application may be made to the Council during the public consultation period and when that period comes to an end
  • state the Council's website where the application and any accompanying material can be viewed during the consultation period
  • state the address to which representations should be sent during the consultation period
  • state the end date of the consultation (7 days starting the day after the application is submitted to the authority).

You must provide plans of the premises showing:

  • a plan showing the location of the premises shown by a red line, so the application site can be clearly identified
  • a plan clearly showing the proposed area covered by the licence in relation to the highway, if not to scale, with measurements clearly shown.
    • The plan must show the positions and number of the proposed tables and chairs, together with any other items that the applicant wishes to place on the highway.
    • The plan shall include clear measurements of, for example, pathway width/length, building width and any other fixed item in the proposed area.
    • The plan will also show the area where smoking will not be permitted

The fee for applying for a licence under the new process is set locally.  The Council has determined that the fee for applications will be £100.

Application fees must accompany the application in order for the application to be considered valid and for the consultation period to commence.

The fee is an 'application' fee for the processing of the application.  The fee will not be refunded if the application is withdrawn, refused or if a licence is surrendered or revoked before expiration.

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Last updated: 10 April 2024