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Mid Sussex is the ideal filming location for movies, television and more, and has already featured in its fair share of top-rated productions. With an abundance of woodland, green space, bustling towns and quaint villages, striking architecture and heritage, not to mention the proximity to London, Gatwick Airport and the south coast.

So that we can offer the best service and opportunities to filmmakers, we work in partnership with Sussex Film Office, a highly experienced team who provide an inclusive service for all those planning and undertaking filming or photoshoots in the Sussex area. Please get in touch with Sussex Film Office initially to discuss your requirements with as much notice as possible in advance of filming. Please use the link below to complete an application for a quote and pre-approval to film.

Filming Application

Filming Enquiry


Tel: 01903-951030

Please note that we can only grant permission on land or property that we own.

Local businesses and residents of Mid Sussex

Filming in any location brings two types of benefit; the first is the result of the film production company's spend during their stay, and the second is the result of the knock-on tourism spend by people who choose to visit places that they saw on their screens.

Film companies often require the services of extras and crews across a variety of positions. If you provide facilities or services likely to be of interest to film production companies, you can register your services on the Sussex Film Office website.

Health and Safety

Your legal duties - all film production teams must carry out risk assessments for their chosen location at the time of filming. This is to ensure the safety of the crew and the safety of the general public.

The Health and Safety Executive has a useful guide to your legal duties, there is a helpful section from page 10 of this document on Risk Assessments. Emergency services in Mid Sussex You will need to keep them fully informed of:

  • staging of crime scenes, accidents and use of firearms- (if applicable)
  • special effects, fires or explosions
  • impersonation of police officers, ambulance staff, fire officers or use of pseudo-fire engines.

Filming with drones

If you are considering using an unmanned aircraft commercially, you must ensure (to avoid prosecution and to abide by safety rules) that you know and obey the law surrounding this. You will also need to submit detailed information on the online form describing take-off and landing sites and method statement, as well as providing a CAA licence and appropriate insurance.

For example:

  • Any commercial drone user must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
  • Small unmanned aircraft cannot be operated within 50 metres of any person, vessel, road, vehicle or structure not under the control of the aircraft operator.

You can find legal guidance on the Civil Aviation Authority website.

Last updated: 21 March 2024