Pre-loved uniform giveaway in Haywards Heath

PR2453/RC/MF - 16/08/2022

The Bentswood Hub and Mid Sussex District Council have teamed up to help with the cost of living by holding a Pre-Loved Uniform Giveaway on Saturday 20 August at 12.30pm at the Hub on America Lane, Haywards Heath.

The community have come together to make the event a success by donating uniforms, mending, and repairing, washing, ironing, and organising collections.

Most Haywards Heath schools are represented in the uniforms donated which will be laid out neatly on hangers to recreate the back-to-school shopping experience.

Councillor Rachel Cromie Mid Sussex District Council Cabinet Member for Housing and Customer Services said:

“My son is starting school in September, so I know full well the cost of kitting children out. Times are hard for everyone at the moment and this event could really help families who may be struggling at the end of the summer holidays. It has been heart-warming to see all the community come together to help and my huge thanks goes to the volunteers who made this event possible.”

Anna Sharkey, Bentswood Hub Development Officer added:

“The great thing about reusing and recycling school uniform is not only are you helping out families, but you are helping the environment as so many unwanted clothes just end up in landfill.”

School uniform can still be donated to the Bentswood Hub all week or can be dropped into Morrisons on America Lane and Haywards Heath Town Council.
The Back-to-School event is open to everyone from 12.30pm on Saturday 20 August.

Residents can contact Cllr Rachel Cromie on for more information or to donate uniform.