Mid Sussex District Council to seek investment partner and cultural anchor tenant for modern venue on Clair Hall site

PR2470/MJ/JAE - 24/10/2022

MSDC’s Cabinet met on Monday 17 October to review the final report of BOP, the Council’s lead specialist cultural and creative advisors.

At this Cabinet meeting MSDC agreed to proceed with the recommendations outlined in this final report. These are to produce a brief for the site in order to seek an investment partner and cultural anchor tenant for a new, modern venue on the Clair Hall site.

Councillor Jonathan Ash-Edwards, Leader of Mid Sussex District Council said:

“I am grateful to BOP for the expertise that they have provided to our project to revitalise the Clair Hall site. Following careful consideration, we will be taking forward the recommendations in BOP’s final report.

“BOP’s report outlined the challenging economic climate that creates significant risks to investment in cultural facilities. However, they also outlined the positive findings from their investigations and confirmed that they are cautiously optimistic about the approach the Council is taking.

“Our goal remains to secure a cultural anchor tenant who can deliver a cultural and community offer for the whole of Mid Sussex now and in the future in a modern, fit for purpose venue on the Clair Hall site”.

MSDC Officers will now start work to commission a specialist broker/agent to develop a detailed briefing and legal pack for the site. This pack will build on the resident engagement and consultation, and all the information gathered by BOP and other specialists commissioned by the Council to improve the chances of successful delivery of this project.

The briefing pack will outline the expected deliverables for interested parties and it is anticipated that officers will feedback on progress of this work early in the new year.