Mid Sussex District Council releases funds to community projects

PR2024013 - 18/03/2024

At the most recent meeting of the Cabinet Grants Panel, 13 community grant applications totalling over £35,000 were agreed.  

These initiatives include support for projects like the establishment of a repair café for The Dudley House Trust, the procurement of musical instruments for Burgess Hill Marching Youth, the facilitation of dementia-friendly film screenings for The Chequer Mead Arts & Community Trust, and updating first aid training, safeguarding awareness, and coaching skills at Hurstpierpoint Gymnastics Club.  

The Grants Panel also unanimously approved the release of £164,300 from Section 106 funds to finance community projects. Scheduled for release in the spring, these funds, sourced from local developers, provide the council with the flexibility to invest in various community projects such as parks, housing, leisure facilities, and schools. 

Among the successes are the installation of a multi-use games area at Copthorne Recreation Ground and the allocation of additional funds for the reconstruction of Haywards Heath Rugby Football Club's clubhouse. 

Alison Bennett, Deputy Leader at Mid Sussex District Council, said: “It has been a fantastic year for grant applications, with more submissions made than ever before, and we thank everyone for taking the time to apply for a grant. 

“These projects highlight the positive steps we're making in developing our community. With the addition of new sports facilities and the refurbishment of essential spaces, we're creating a more vibrant and welcoming environment for all residents to enjoy. Each project reflects our commitment to ensuring that everyone in our District has access to the best possible resources and opportunities.” 

To find out more, you can read the full report here.