Mid Sussex District Council advances to next stage in District Plan

PR2023031 - 19/12/2023

Mid Sussex District Council has approved the latest stage of its draft District Plan, marking a significant milestone in the plan-making process.

The Regulation 19 submission draft, along with supporting materials, was agreed by Council on December 13 and will now move to public consultation before submission for formal Inspection.

In response to community feedback during the Regulation 18 consultation, the Council has added a number of important additions and protections to the plan. This new draft plan is the result of months of hard work and collaboration with many stakeholders, including valuable input from local communities, towns and parishes and our neighbours.

Robert Eggleston, Leader of Mid Sussex District Council, said: "Reaching this stage of our plan-making process has been challenging, but it's a testament to the hard work and compromises made by everyone involved. Although decisions may be difficult and not always agreed upon, the new District Plan aims to protect our local area, while also meeting the needs of our population - both now and in the coming years.

“Throughout this process, we have dedicated considerable time to engaging with the community and making several important changes in response to their feedback. The new plan is evidence-based and reflects a careful balance of delivering the housing growth we need locally while ensuring the protection and enhancement of the environment.”

The Mid Sussex District Plan 2021-2039, sets out the vision, strategy and policy framework for the District until 2039. The plan also commits to important policies and environmental protections to deliver on both climate change and biodiversity for all new developments.

Mid Sussex District Council has also made a short video explaining why The District Plan is important for the future. The video makes it easier to understand the process of creating the plan and how it benefits the District's future. To find out more and view the video, visit www.midsussex.gov.uk/districtplan

The Mid Sussex District Plan consultation will run from 12th January 2024 to the end of February 2024, before the plan is submitted to the Secretary for State, with formal adoption anticipated in late 2024.