Find details of how we are funded and how that money is spent.

How are we funded

Totals £64.69m 100% £63.63m 100%
Funding 2017-2018 2016-2017
Fees, charges and rent £8.86m 14% £8.3m 13%
Housing Benefit Grant £33.62m 52% £34.27m 54%
Interest and property plus use of reserves £5.49m 9% £3.59m 5%
Central Government and Business Rates Retention Scheme Support Grant £1.9m 3% £3.23m 6%
Other Government grants and contributions £3.31m 5% £3.22m 5%
Council Tax payers £9.29m 14% £9.02m 14%
Reversal of capital charges £2.19m 3% £1.98m 3%

How is your money spent?

The Council Tax we collect from you is split in the following way:

Authority Percentage of your bill
West Sussex County Council 77%
Mid Sussex 10%
Sussex Police 9%
Paris and town councils 4%

The money we collect pays for these services:

Total budget £64.69m 100% £63.63m 100%
Tax allocation 2017-2018 gross 2016-2017 gross
Leisure centres and outdoor facilities £4.91m 8% £6.23m 10%
Refuse and recycling £3.73m 6% £3.58m 6%
Street cleaning and environment £3.02m 5% £2.9m 4%
Planning and economic development £5.41m 8% £4.35m 7%
Housing £3.71m 6% £3.53m 5%
Housing Benefit £33.5m 52% £34.1m 54%
Transport and parking £1.42m 2% £1.38m 2%
Other services £7.38m 11% £7.5m 12%
Total gross £63.12m 98% £63.63m 100%
Other contributions to reserves £15.7m 2% £0 0%

Council Tax calculation

The table below shows the amounts required from each authority to finance their services and the council tax at band D.

The council tax is calculated by dividing the amounts required from local authorities by the taxbase, which is a figure derived from the number and type of dwellings in Mid Sussex.

Local Authority 2018-19 Required Amount (£000) 2018-19 Average Band D Council Tax (£)
West Sussex County Council 79,045 1,317.78
Mid Sussex District Council 9,631 160.56
Sussex Police Crime Commissioner 9,952 165.91
Parish & Town Councils 4,161 69.36
Totals 102,789 1,713.61

The required amount shown for Parish and Town Councils is the total for all parish and town councils in Mid Sussex.

The council tax at band D shown for Parish and Town Councils is the average for all parish and town councils in Mid Sussex.

Last updated: 07 August 2018