District Plan Examination

In accordance with Section 20 of the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended), the Mid Sussex District Plan 2015 Submission and the Focused Amendments 2016 were submitted to the Secretary of State on 17 August 2016. 

Inspector Jonathan Bore, MRTPI, has been appointed to conduct an examination to determine whether the District Plan is sound.

Pauline Butcher has been appointed as the Programme Officer for the Examination and will deal with all procedural, administrative and programming matters under the direction of the Inspector.  She has written to all representors to inform them of her role and will notify them when further information about the Examination becomes available.

Her contact details are: Email: ldfprogrammeofficer@tiscali.co.uk Telephone: 07823 494353

The Inspector is aware that Document BP1 of the submitted Mid Sussex District Plan contains proposed modifications which have not been subject to consultation. These modifications do not arise from consultation and are substantial in nature as they include changes to the affordable housing requirement and a substantial reduction in the quantum of housing available to meet other authorities’ unmet needs. The Inspector wrote to the Council on this and a number of other issues arising from the submitted plan (ID1). The Council responded to the Inspector (MSDC 1).

The Inspector has confirmed that "For the purposes of the Examination Hearings, the Inspector will use Document BP1 "Submission Version incorporating further amendments and further proposed modifications" as the main reference point, except in the case of Policy DP29: Affordable Housing, which will remain for the time being as set out in Document BP2 ""Pre-Submission Draft" as indicated in MSDC 1."

Hearing Sessions

The Programme Officer will notify representors as further information becomes available and this website will be updated.

Latest News

August 7th 2017 - District Plan Timetable

Following the hearing sessions on the 25th and 26th July, the District Council has published a timetable for adoption of the District Plan. This includes proposed dates for Main Modifications consultation - further detail and confirmation of these dates will be published on this page.

MSDC21: District Plan - Timetable to Adoption

July 31st 2017 - Further Hearings to discuss Unmet Need, Settlement Hierarchy and Housing Land Supply

Hearing sessions were programmed for 25th and 26th July to discuss unmet need, settlement hierarchy and housing land supply. These have now taken place. The Council is now working on the necessary documents in order to proceed to the Main Modifications consultation. Further information on the timetable and dates for consultation will be published on this web page once confirmed.


Pease Pottage

As previously noted an application was received in November 2015 for development within the proposed allocation at Pease Pottage. This application was approved by the District Planning Committee on Thursday 24th November. You can view the application on the Mid Sussex meeting details page.

The Inspector has stated “I will not be offering any comment on the planning application for the Pease Pottage site; any decision on the application is a matter for the local planning authority. I have received sufficient written material on the subject and do not intend to discuss the matter at the Examination Hearings."

Inspector's Interim Conclusions on the Housing Requirement

Following Hearing Sessions held between November 2016 - February 2017, the Inspector has written to the Council with his interim conclusions on the housing requirement.

ID11: Inspector's Letter - Interim Conclusions on the Housing Requirement

The Inspector will not accept any further representations, submissions or comments from any party on the contents of this letter, either in writing or verbally in the forthcoming hearings.


Inspector's Documents

Ref  Document  Date Published 
ID1  Inspector's Initial Questions (Housing) 15/09/2016
ID2 Guidance Note for Housing Hearings  14/10/2016
ID3 Housing Matters - Questions for Examination Hearings (Amended) 31/10/2016
ID4 Housing Matters - Agenda for Hearings (29th November - 1st December 2016) 22/11/2016
ID5 Housing Matters - Agenda for Hearings (9th December 2016) 08/12/2016
ID6 Housing Matters - Agenda for Hearings (12-13th January 2017) 10/01/2017
ID7 Letter to Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Parish Council - District Plan Examination Relationship to neighbourhood plans 10/01/2017
ID8 Inspector's comments and questions: site allocations and non-housing policies - for Hearings to commence 28th February 2017 (Revised 9/2/17) 09/02/2017
ID9 Note from Inspector Re Non-Housing Questions (ID8) 31/01/2017
ID10  Housing Matters - Agenda for Hearings (8th - 9th February 2017) 31/01/2017
ID11  Inspector's Letter - Interim Conclusions on the Housing Requirement 20/02/2017
ID12 Site Allocations and Non-Housing Policies Hearing - Agenda for 28th February (version 2) 21/02/2017
ID13  Inspector's Minor Wording Changes (para 2.13, DP18, DP19, DP20, DP40) 21/02/2017
ID14  Inspector's Letter - Response to MSDC9 24/02/2017
ID15  Inspector's Letter - Response to MSDC10 27/02/2017
ID16  Housing Provision: Further Work - Agenda for Hearing Friday 3rd March 27/02/2017
ID17  Inspector's Letter - Response to MSDC11 02/03/2017
ID18 Inspector's Letter - Response to MSDC12 17/03/2017

(i) Inspector's Letter - Re Ashdown Forest High Court Judgment

(ii) Wealden District Council v (1) SSCLG (2) Lewes District Council (3) South Downs National Park Authority and Natural England



Inspector's Letter - Response to MSDC8a 



Inspector's Letter - Response to MSDC14 



Inspector's Letter to Home Builders Federation Re: 2/15604



Inspector's Note to the Examination  



Instructions for participants and provisional agenda for Hearings (25th - 26th July 2017) 



Agenda for Hearings (25th - 26th July 2017) Revision1 


Mid Sussex Documents

Ref  Document  Date Published 
MSDC 1 Mid Sussex District Council (Response to ID1) 29/09/2016
MSDC 2 Housing Matters Statement (Response to ID3) 08/11/2016
MSDC 3  Note to the Mid Sussex District Plan Examination from MSDC 08/12/2016
MSDC 4  Affordability, Calculating Affordable Housing Requirements and Unmet Needs  06/01/2017
MSDC 5  Sustainability Appraisal / SHLAA - Housing Provision Implications 06/01/2017
MSDC 5a Sustainability Appraisal/ SHLAA - Housing Provision Implications 27/01/2017

SHLAA - Test of Sites Paper

Site Maps

MSDC 7 Constraints and Capacity - Summary Paper 27/01/2017
MSDC 8  MSDC Response to Inspector's Questions: Site Allocations and Non-Housing Policies (ID8)


(updated 16/02/2017)

MSDC 8a MSDC response to ID13, issues arising from 28th February hearing and to the matter of employment land (DP2 and DP9)


MSDC 8b MSDC response to ID20 regarding policies DP9, DP19, DP26


MSDC 8c MSDC response to ID11 and ID21 regarding policies DP5: Housing and DP6: Settlement Hierarchy


MSDC 8d MSDC proposed amendments to Chapter 5: Monitoring and DP26: Accessibility


MSDC 9  Letter to the Inspector from Mid Sussex District Council Re: ID11


MSDC10  Letter to the Inspector from Mid Sussex District Council Re: ID14


MSDC11  Letter to the Inspector from Mid Sussex District Council Re: 3rd March Hearing


MSDC12 Letter to the Inspector from Mid Sussex District Council Re: ID11


MSDC13 Letter to the Inspector from Mid Sussex District Council Re: ID18(i)


MSDC14  Letter to the Inspector from Mid Sussex District Council Re: ID18(ii)


MSDC15  Letter to the Inspector from Mid Sussex District Council Re: ID23 - 5 year supply position


MSDC15a  Updated 5-Year Supply Position (17 July 2017)


MSDC15b  Update 5-year Supply Position (21 July 2017) (Note: Supersedes MSDC15a)


MSDC16  Northern West Sussex HMA Implications - Re: ID11 and ID21



i) Letter to the Inspector from Mid Sussex District Council Re: ID11 and ID21

ii) Policy Changes Log (as at 12/05/2017)



i) Letter to the Inspector from Mid Sussex District Council Re: Implications of the Wealden case related to Ashdown Forest

ii) Note to the Mid Sussex District Plan Examination on the Implications of the Wealden Case Related to Ashdown Forest



MSDC Letter to Inspector Re: ID24

MSDC Clarification Statement Re: MSDC18 



HMA Unmet Need - Scenarios 1a-4b and Implications for Stepped Trajectory



Revised policy DP5: Housing (post-hearings - v2) 



District Plan - Timetable to Adoption 


Examination Documents

Ref  Document  Date Published 
 ED1   Northern Arc - Statement of Common Ground  08/12/2016
 ED2  Developers Forum - Statement of Common Ground  07/2/2017
 ED3  Homes and Communities Agency - Letter Regarding Fairbridge Way  08/12/2016
 ED4  Glenbeigh - Letter Regarding Fairbridge Way  08/12/2016
 ED5  Fairfax - Letter Regarding Delivery at Rookery Farm  08/12/2016
 ED6  Letter from MSDC to Secretary of State Re: Birchen Lane Appeal  08/12/2016
 ED7  Letter from Secretary of State to MSDC Re: Birchen Lane Appeal  08/12/2016
 ED8  Developer Forum Position Statement  08/12/2016
 ED9  Rydon Homes - Letter Regarding Fairbridge Way  08/12/2016
 ED10  Wates Developments - Letter Regarding Fairbridge Way  08/12/2016
 ED11  Linden Homes - Letter Regarding Fairbridge Way  08/12/2016
 ED12  Thakeham Homes - Letter Regarding Fairbridge Way  08/12/2016
 ED13  Wellbeck Strategic Land - Letter Regarding Fairbridge Way  08/12/2016
 ED14  Miller Homes - Letter Regarding Fairbridge Way  08/12/2016
 ED15  Updated position on promoted sites in the Planning System  13/12/2016
 ED16  (i) Correspondence from Lord Lytton to MSDC Re: Crabbet Park

 (ii) Crabbet Park Land Ownership Plan

 (iii) Correspondence from MSDC to Lord Lytton Re: Crabbet Park

 ED17 Letter from Nexus Planning  18/04/2017

Revised policy DP5 - for discussion on 25/7/2017

(Note: this policy will be revised further following the hearing)

 ED19 Revised policy DP5 - Alternative wording following a meeting with the Forum  31/07/2017
 ED20 Vale of White Horse / Cherwell - Policy Examples  31/07/2017
 ED21 Nexus - Statement of Common Ground  31/07/2017

Further Hearings (July 25/26th 2017) - Representor Statements

Ref  Document  Date Published 
DF/FH Mid Sussex Developers Forum - Statement 10/07/2017 
65/FH  Hassocks Parish Council - Statement 10/07/2017 
2335/FH  Rydon Homes (Sigma Planning) - Statement 10/07/2017 
2335/FH/1 Rydon Homes (Sigma Planning) - Hassocks delivery 31/07/2017
11619/FH Wates Developments Ltd - Statement 10/07/2017
14810/FH  Mr D Peacock - Statement 10/07/2017 

CPRE Sussex - Statement (1)

CPRE Sussex - Statement (2)


Mr N Kerslake -  Statement (1)

Mr N Kerslake - Statement (2)


Mr N Kerslake - Oral Evidence given at hearing on 25/7/2017 


Linden Homes - Statement


Hallam Land Management Ltd - Statement 


Gleeson Developments Ltd and Rydon Homes - Statement


LAMBS - Statement 


Gleeson Developments Ltd - Statement 


Thakeham Homes - Letter

Thakeham Homes - Appendix 1 - Appendix 2 - Supporting Document


Welbeck Strategic Land - Statement 


Non-Housing Matters Statements (Hearings: February 2017) - Representor Statements

Ref  Document Date Published
Pol/68  Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Parish Council 15/02/2017 

Wealden District Council - Letter

Wealden District Council - Appendix A

Wealden District Council - Appendix B


Gleeson Developments, Rydon Homes and Wates Developments (Northern Arc) -Statement



Mr Richard Barnby 


Mr David Evans 


Mr D J Peacock - Letter

Mr D J Peacock - Appendix 1

Mr D J Peacock - Appendix 2

Mr D J Peacock - Further Statement Re Changes to DP19





Pol/14982  CPRE Mid Sussex  15/02/2017 

Mr Neil Kerslake

Mr Neil Kerslake - Further Statement Re DP24

Mr Neil Kerslake - Further Statement Re DP32 and DP34




Pol/15604  Home Builders Federation Ltd  15/02/2017  
Pol/15663 Hallam Land Management 15/02/2017 
Pol/20193 Mr P Giles 15/02/2017 
Pol/20306 Tim North Associates 24/02/2017
Pol/20339 Gatwick Airport Ltd 16/02/2017

Welbeck Strategic Land II LLP

Welbeck Strategic Land II LLP - Further Statement Re DP19



Housing Matters Statements (Hearings: November 2016 - March 2017) - Representor Statements

Ref  Document  Date Published 
1/DF Mid Sussex Developers Forum Statement 9/11/2016

i) Mid Sussex Developers Forum - OAN Position January 2017

ii) Mid Sussex Developers Forum - Committed Supply and Affordable Housing Need Position January 2017

iii) Further Note related to MSDC4





(i) Mid Sussex Developers Forum - Covering Letter

(ii) Mid Sussex Developers Forum - Sample SHLAA Assessments


Mid Sussex Developers Forum - Letter to Inspector 31/03/17

1/65 Hassocks Parish Council 9/11/2016 
1/68 Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Parish Council 9/11/2016
2/68 Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Parish Council -The role of Neighbourhood Plans in allocating housing sites (December 2016) 10/01/2017
1/99 Crawley Borough Council 9/11/2016
1/181 Tandridge District Council 9/11/2016
1/2229 Dave Evans 9/11/2016
1/2335 Rydon Homes Ltd 9/11/2016
2/2335 Rydon Homes Ltd - Proposed Correction to MSDC5 13/01/2017
1/3139 Village Developments 9/11/2016
1/14681 JAA on behalf of Wates Developments Ltd 9/11/2016 
2/14681 JAA on behalf of members of the Developers Forum 4/04/2017
1/14791 Mr W P Field 9/11/2016

Mr D J Peacock - Letter to the Inspector

Jubb Consulting on behalf of Mr D J Peacock


CPRE Sussex

Letter to the Inspector



2/14982 CPRE Sussex - Statement Re MSDC 5 13/01/2017
3/14982 CPRE Sussex - Statement for Hearings on 8/9th February 03/02/2017
1/15308 Mr Neil Kerslake 9/11/2016

Mr Neil Kerslake - Further Statement (January 2017)

Mr Neil Kerslake - Further Statement (addendum) (January 2017)

Mr Neil Kerslake - Second Further Statement (January 2017)




3/15308 Mr Neil Kerslake - Statement on SHLAA and SA 20/1/2017

Mr Neil Kerslake - Letter Re ID21

1/15521 Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd 9/11/2016
1/15552 Norris Farms Partnership 9/11/2016
1/15604 Home Builders Federation 9/11/2016
2/15604 Home Builders Federation - Letter to Inspector 30/03/2017
1/15616 Linden Ltd 9/11/2016

i) Linden Ltd - Letter to the Inspector

ii) SHLAA Comparison

1/15663 Hallam Land Management 9/11/2016



Gleeson Developments Ltd, Rydon Homes Ltd and Wates Developments Ltd 9/11/2016
1/16451 Mayfield Market Towns Ltd 9/11/2016
2/16451 Mayfield Market Towns Ltd - Further Statement (January 2017) 6/01/2017
3/16451 Mayfield Market Towns Ltd 23/01/2017
4/16451 Mayfield Market Towns Ltd - Note Re MSDC5a, MSDC6 and MSDC7 31/01/2017
5/16451 Mayfield Market Towns Ltd - Note Re ID11 27/03/2017
1/20080 Thakeham Homes Ltd 9/11/2016
1/20110 Anstone Developments Ltd 9/11/2016
1/20151 LAMBS 9/11/2016
1/20257 Mrs Christine Loewy 9/11/2016
1/20293 Thakeham Homes Ltd 9/11/2016
1/20318 Countryside Properties 9/11/2016
2/20318 Countryside Properties - MSDC SHLAA Analysis 24/01/2017
1/20319 Gleeson Developments Ltd 9/11/2016
2/20319 Nexus - Note to Examination 12/01/2017
3/20319 Nexus/ Gleeson Developments 18/04/2017
1/20327 David Crowther 9/11/2016
1/20329 Thakeham Homes Ltd 9/11/2016
2/20329 Thakeham Homes Ltd 13/01/2017
1/20533 Haywards Heath Golf Club 9/11/2016
1/20534 Welbeck Strategic Land II LLP (Imberhorne Farm) 9/11/2016

This webpage will be updated as the Examination progresses. The full document list and reference numbers can be viewed on the Examination Library page.