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Welcome to the Mid Sussex District Council online payments page.

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We cannot accept American Express, Diners Club or JCB

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  • Council Tax
  • Parking (PCN's)
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Make a payment online

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Cards we do not accept

American Express
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Other ways to pay


Pay by automated phone by calling: 0800-090-2910


If you don't want to pay your Council Tax bill online, you have several other options, such as setting up a direct debit or paying at a PayPoint. See other ways to pay your Council Tax.

Through your bank

Our bank details

Account Number: 11517968
Sort Code: 30-80-12
Account Name: Mid Sussex District Council
Bank: Lloyds Bank

Make sure to include a relevant, identifiable reference for your payment.

What services can I pay for online?

Council Tax
9 digit account numbers starting with 2

Non Domestic Rates / Business Rates
8 digit account numbers numbers starting with 6

Parking fines - Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs):

  • Off-Street PCN (10 digit reference starting with the letters MS)
  • On-Street PCN (10 digit reference starting with the letters XS)

If a warrant has been served on you regarding a PCN
Paying your parking fine now will not be accepted as a full and final payment. This is because there will be Bailiff and other fees to pay.


  • General Invoice (10 digit invoice number starting with 4)
  • Housing Benefits Over-payments Invoice (8 digit invoice number starting with 3)
  • Building Control Invoices

Building Control applications and services

  • Please select 'Building Control' from the online 'payment-type' list and then the 'application/service-type' from the drop-down menu.

Enforcement Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs)

  • Please select 'Dog Control FPN', 'Nuisance Parking FPN' or 'Depositing Litter FPN' from the drop down menu.
  • Leafleting without permission on land where leafleting is restricted
  • Failing to provide a waste carrier licence
  • Failing to provide a waste transfer notice when moving non-hazardous waste

If you have a Council Tax debt that has been passed to our bailiffs for collection - you can pay online here - Rossendales Ltd

Is my information secure?

The Council uses a secure server to receive your payment card details. This means the transaction is encrypted between your computer and the secure server.

Please note: The address for a secure site will always begin with 'https' with a padlock icon located in the address bar.

On entering the secure area please make sure that you are using the official Council web site by checking the address box at the top of your screen.

This should be:

How will I know if my payment has been successful?

When you have finished entering your card details and confirmed you want to continue with the payment there will be a short delay while your card details are validated.

If your payment is successful
A receipt will be displayed which contains a transaction reference number.

If an error occurs
Your payment will not be processed and a message explaining why it has failed will be displayed.

What record of the payment do I have?

Once your payment has been accepted you will be allocated a unique transaction reference number.

This will appear on-screen. You will be able to print this out if it is needed.

An email confirmation will be sent to you detailing the transaction - but only if you enter your email address on the form.

If you wish to continue with a payment - please ensure you have your card details and payment reference and go to the secure payments server.

Last updated: 13 March 2019