Green Johanna Food Waste Digester

The Green Johanna is an environmentally friendly solution for producing rich compost from household food waste mixed together with organic garden material. The unit accepts all cooked and uncooked food waste including vegetable scraps, meat, fish, bones, dairy products and organic garden waste such as plants, leaves and grass cuttings.

Designed to sit in a shady position in the garden, the Green Johanna's unique ventilation system enables the contents to reach significantly higher temperatures than traditional garden composters, breaking down waste faster.

Suitable for use all year round, you can purchase an optional winter jacket for use only if the ambient temperature falls below 5 degrees centigrade for long periods.

It is suitable for a family of 6 more and works well in areas which have clay soil.

If you do not produce garden waste you can still use a Green Johanna by substituting paper for garden waste.

A Green Johanna will

  • Accept all cooked and uncooked food waste
  • Take compostable garden waste
  • Require a shady position in the garden
  • Produce a rich compost
  • Be easy to set-up and requires only occasional mixing
  • Be ideal if you have clay soil or a high water table
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

A Green Johanna will not

  • Attract vermin (when installed correctly).

Green Cone website has information about Green Cones and Green Johannas

Buy food waste digesters through WSCC