Green Cone

The Green Cone is an unique and environmentally-friendly solution for managing household food waste. The unit accepts all cooked and uncooked food waste including vegetable scraps, meat, fish, bones, dairy products and other surplus organic kitchen material, reducing the contents to its natural components of water and CO2.

Designed to sit in a sunny position in a well drained garden, a Green Cone is suitable for use by an average family of four people. The unit's digestion chamber may need emptying every few years.

The double-walled solar cone creates a heat trap of circulating air, encouraging the growth of harmless bacteria and helping insulate the decaying matter in winter. A below ground digestion chamber means worms and natural soil organisms can move freely in and out of the basket ensuring odourless processing.

A Green Cone will

  • Take all food waste, cooked and uncooked
  • Need a sunny position with good drainage
  • Work in a raised bed if there is clay
  • Requires a hole dug 60cm wide, 42cm deep
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

A Green Cone will not

  • Work in clay soil, in the shade or with poor drainage
  • Take garden waste
  • Produce compost
  • Attract vermin (when installed correctly)

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