Hygienic Storage of Waste

By following some simple tips your waste can be safely and hygienically stored whilst awaiting a collection.

In the Kitchen

  • Ensure food/food waste is not left uncovered before throwing it away
  • Waste items such as cooked food and disposable nappies should be double wrapped before being put in the bin. Bag it before you bin it!
  • Rinse out food containers and food packaging. No need to use extra water, just use what's left at the end of your washing up.
  • Cover pet food. If left uncovered flies can lay their eggs in it. Be sure to wrap well before disposing of in your bin.
  • Reduce the moisture content in your waste as much as possible.
  • Remove as much air as you can before sealing the bag; this will slow down general decomposition and prevent odours from escaping.
  • Ensure containers holding kitchen waste have close fitting lids and are kept closed. Swing bins can sometimes allow flies access to your waste.
  • Consider composting your kitchen waste, such as fruit & vegetable peelings & egg shells, in a home compost bin or a wormery.

It is mainly food waste that causes smells and attracts flies to your waste. About a third of what we throw away is food and a lot is, or was once, perfectly good food. Find out how to reduce this by looking at our Food Waste web pages and the "Love Food, Hate Waste" website.

If nappies are included in your rubbish, empty solids into the toilet and double bag the nappy. Consider using Real Cotton Nappies to reduce your impact on the environment.

In your wheeled bin

  • Ensure bin lids are always closed to prevent access by flies. If your wheeled bin is broken or does not shut properly please contact us.
  • Where possible try to avoid storing your bin in direct sunlight. This will slow down the decomposition of rubbish in the bin reducing smells.
  • To prevent residue building up at the bottom of your bin you may wish to line the bottom with newspaper.
  • Occasionally rinse out your bin, with disinfectant if necessary. You may find it easiest to clean your bin whilst it is lying on its side. There are professional local bin cleaning services you may wish to use.
  • Using a cleaning product with a strong fragrance / insecticide will help to deter flies from your bin.
  • Use a bin powder such as Jeyes that can be sprinkled on your bin bags in the bin, kills germs and eliminates odours. You can also purchase carbon fibre pads that fit inside your bin lid and absorb odours. Neutralise smells naturally with a deodoriser or vinegar.
  • Mark your bin with your property name or number to ensure you get your clean bin back after your collections.
  • The use of flypaper / sprays and insecticides may help to reduce any fly problem.

Further Information

Take a look at the following pages to help you reduce the amount of organic waste in your bin:

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