Dog Fouling

Dog owners have a responsibility to clean up after their pets.

Dog fouling is a serious problem. There are millions of dogs in the UK and they produce thousands of tonnes of faeces every day.

Dog faeces carries a worm called Toxocara. Humans can get infected through faeces carrying eggs of the parasites through soil or sand contamination. The parasite can survive up to two years in soil or sand after the faeces has degraded.

It is not dangerous to clean up after your dog - you will not be infected by the Toxocara eggs as they are not infectious until 2 - 3 weeks after they have been deposited.

 The Anti-Social Crime and Policing Act 2014 allows local authorities to designate most public land as poop scoop areas. Failure to clear up on designated land is an offence subject to a maximum fine of £1000.

Dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets are irresponsible and could be putting others at risk. Please clear up after your dog using a carrier bag to pick up the faeces and place it in a dog waste bin. If there is not a dog bin nearby you can place it in a litter bin, or take it home and place it in your rubbish bin.

There are 365 dog waste bins across the district. Most dog waste bins are emptied weekly, some twice a week.

If you find a dog bin which has not been emptied please note the number painted on it before contacting us, this makes it easier for us to locate the correct bin. We often find that bins reported as overflowing are in fact only half full, but someone has seen the corner of a bag sticking out of the top, assumed the bin is full and left their bag on the ground. Fellow dog walkers on seeing this then assume the same and we end up with a pile of dog bags around the bin!

Where dog waste bins are on council land they are funded by the Council. Dog waste bins on land owned by others are funded by the land owner for example, Town and Parish Councils, West Sussex County Council and South East Water.

You can report a missed collection of a dog bin via our online form

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