How to Report Fly Tipping

To report fly tipping please use the Secure flytipping report form.

Most incidents of fly tipping will be removed from public land within three working days of being reported.

If you see someone fly tipping don't try to tackle the fly tipper yourself but try to take a photograph and note:

  • The time and date and where it is happening
  • Vehicle registration
  • Description of the vehicle
    • colour
    • make and model.
    • Is there anything special about it?
    • Does it have an insignia or contact numbers?
  • What sort of rubbish is being dumped?

The Council is only responsible for removing fly tipping on public land.

Private landowners are responsible for removing fly tipping from their own land and should try to secure their land to prevent the occurrence in the first place. For further help on Fly Tipping Protocol please go go to the Environment Agency Fly Tipping pages.